Russia’s Airbase Requests in Cyprus Causes Conflict with U.S.


fighterjets_390_2201The airbase “Andreas Papandreou” has become the centre of a diplomatic conflict between the United States and Russia. The Cypriot government which is being pushed to provide a solution that will satisfy both sides, is in the middle of the conflict, and every decision is likely to create problems in its relationship with either the one country or the other.

According to SigmaLive, the conflict began when the Russian government asked the Cyprus military facilities to rent the airbase. The Cypriot government replied that it can concede facilities, but it will be difficult to satisfy the request of Russia to rent the airbase.

The American’s were informed of Russia’s request, and made it clear to the Cypriot government that they strongly disagree. When the Cypriot government reminded the U.S. that Russia constantly supports Cyprus in security and financial issues, the United States replied that “Cyprus is also under the American influence.”

It is obvious that the Cypriot government is in the middle of a conflict that is likely to affect its relations with the two countries. Trying to keep the balance is difficult. The satisfaction of either the one country or the other can deprive Cyprus from political and economic support.

The Defence Minister of  the Republic of Cyprus reported that he doesn’t want to go into detail about such serious and sensitive issues related to Cyprus foreign policy. He added that “Cyprus will make the right decision, always taking into account the national interest of the country.”

He said that “what is important is that Cyprus is emerging strategically and geopolitically and its stabilizing role is highlighted.”

As the Minister stated, Russia is always supporting the country on many issues. Cyprus has a good relationship with Russia, the U.S., as well as with other neighboring countries. However, only the Cypriot government can’t make a decision upon this matter.


  1. There is room for forming an alliance for Israel but they will have to show they
    mean it by supporting us on this name issue.

    As for NATO — it has become an unprincipled farce. The US (and UK, and a few others) have chosen to betray longtime friend and ally Greece to the Skopian propagandists they once defended us from.

    One no longer needs a history book to observe our former allies dishonorably trying to downplay Skopians identity transformation into “ancient Macedonians” to hide their mistaken recognition . They appear to be trying to sacrifice ethnic Greeks for alleged peace (see Chamberlain) and even the Bulgarians (who are also getting their historical figures rebranded into “ethnic Macedonians)

    They will not get peace though. They have just opened the door for permanent political instability in the region because no one will commit ethnic suicide to cover up their bigotry nor will ancient Macedonians change to suggest they identified with Slavicism.

  2. The Russian air force is a joke, I don’t see why Greece is so quick to take Russia’s side over America’s. The entire Russian military has nothing but outdated crap and they do not even produce any efficient new weaponry anymore. I bet Israel alone could annihilate the Russian military.

  3. “There is room for forming an alliance for Israel but they will have to show they
    mean it by supporting us on this name issue.”
    The Greek government is already allied with Israel and their relations are growing. We don’t need to recognize “Macedonians” as Skopians even if it is the right thing to do.

  4. I never suggest someone must use Skopians of official level but any government, organization or individual that expects Greeks not to feel hostility towards them at bare minimum should use the agreed upon neutral name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” rather than “Republic of Macedonia” when describing the state. (as doing otherwise is implicitly taking sides).

    Greeks warned in good faith this would happen 20 years ago but unfortunately we were mocked by a bunch of pretentious bigots who assured us otherwise. (who all turned out to be wrong as history has shown)

    Those that really want to be our allies will even go further and apologize to Greece for using the name “Macedonia” to reference FYROM and publicly condemn their use of the historical propaganda to encourage irredentism against Greece. It is blatantly obvious they are slavs who have essentially nothing to do with Macedonians beyond some of them having lived in the same geographic space as Greeks for a period.

    There are no excuses left for anyone to call these obvious propagandists “Republic of Macedonia” when they’ve changed identity into “descendents ancient Macedonians” right before everyone’s eyes. (given FYROM’s own diplomats assured everyone the opposite only a few years ago).

    ‘We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’ – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan
    Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, February 24 1999

    ‘We do not claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great.’ – FYROM’S Ambassador Ljubica Acevshka,
    speech to US representatives, Washington DC, January 22 1999

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us an alexander the Great. ” – Kiro Gligorov first elected President of FYROM

  5. Greeks have good reasons for feeling hostility towards an US these days. Russian is not our ally but might become one because the US has failed in its NATO obligations to protect us. The US (and other NATO members) hung us out to dry on Skopian issue.

    As long as the US continues to reference the former Yugoslavians as “Macedonians”, many Greeks (myself included) do not consider the US an ally any longer. Friends help friends in situations like this they don’t sacrifice you to those that wish to ethnically delete you to avoid conflict at all costs (see Chamberlain to see how well that sort of thinking works out).

    Thats how alliances work. Anything less is empty talk.

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  6. Good point. No coalition of the willing there.

    US virtually always takes Turkish side on matters because they see them as strategically more important to the US. Only lately have they moved more in Greece corner on some Turkish related issues (e.g. they are going to support Cyprus on gas field project)

    I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Turkish/Israel relations have cooled considerable since that incident (most Jews have figured out that ultimately the Turkish government will support fellow Islamist Palestinians over Israel). The Jewish lobby in the US is very powerful. This is one of the many reasons why it makes sense to build an alliance with Israel (rather than GD’s irrational tack of trying to turn a potential power ally into an enemy).

    Ultimately I think most Jews realize that a powerful Turkey will always be a thorn on Israel in the region whereas Greece is a small country with small population that isn’t a threat. Being mostly christians and atheists also makes for natural allies in a sea of Islamic theocracies.

  7. Where is the American trash today??
    Yoo hoo….. Vasilikiiiii…..Tediiiiii…..Arthuuuuuur!!!

  8. Why must Cyprus choose the US? What exactly is the US offering? “Cyprus is also under the American influence”? What exactly does that mean? I distinctly remember reading the words of one Jewish-American Secretary of State by the name of Henry “Heinz” Kissinger with regard to Greece and Cyprus… If Cyprus finally decides to assert its national interests by collecting rent it needs badly from a friendly force who vows to protect it, a force who is Orthodox Christian, would that not be better? Also, if Russia achieves through this a greater strategic presence in the region, would that not make Greece and Cyprus of even more vital strategic importance to the United States? Maybe then will they give Greece a bit more importance than they do their current “strategic partner”, Turkey…just my two cents.

  9. Russia hasn’t been Greek friendly (they also offensively call the Skopians “Macedonians”) but they weren’t our official allies so they had no moral obligation to support us (whereas our alleged allies in NATO are supposed to be helping us not trying to exterminate us)

    Given Russia is feeling hemmed in by ever growing Nato (losing all the former Soviet satellite states that buffered them from US hegemony) I think there is potential to build a relationship there. However to me it would require a clear commitment by Russia on Greece’s side of FYROM issue. (other Russia would be like the US, an ally only in name)

    If Russia retracted recognition of FYROM, I would support the immediate expulsion of US forced from using Greek territory and warmly welcome Russian nuclear subs to their new home in the Aegean. Our alleged allies need to understand that if they attack their own allies they will eventually lose them.


  10. We have lost plenty of conflicts over the ages. We have to objectively analyze our forces not depend on hubris. Hubris does not wars. It loses them.

    The Greek military is pound for pound excellent for a tiny country but in the end we are still a small country. Plenty of countries could beat us in a direct war (especially seeing as we very little defense industry of our own to sustain a conflict)

    By comparison Israel, around half our size, has state of the art weapons it produces at home.(even selling some to the US) Then of course it doesn’t hurt to have thermonuclear weapons that could flatten your enemy and ballistic systems to deliver them.

    Were it up to me I would be thinking long term. Forget about conventional force, and quietly start work building a nuclear program, long range stealth ballistic system, and energy based defensive weapons (e.g. lasers and emp weapons to knock down incoming missiles and planes) .

    I’ve observed people tend to be more sensitive to names and more careful whom they support when 10 megaton bombs can be dropped on their capital cites (see Republic of China… that everyone calls Taiwan because of Chinese insistence)

  11. Its a delicate topic if you don’t think it is a delicate topic you are crazy. Maybe the solution is for it to be a Cypriot facility leased to nobody but to me made available for joint ventures between superpowers and friendly neighbors.

  12. This is where Greeks need to start making the right decisions. The Russians are offering us both hands, and this is the path we need to follow, unlike the hand the Americans offer us while also offering the Turks the other.

  13. How can you be so ignorant? The Russian Air Force is 2nd only to the US. You do realise that if it wasn’t for the US of A, Israel would not be around today. It’s not 1967, and no matter how proud of a Jew you may be, Israel wouldn’t last a chance against the 300 MILLION Arabs around it.

  14. The Protestant-Catholic World which comprises of the US and its Allies have simultaneously ‘divided’ the Orthodox World. This has been the case since the Byzantine Empire and we need to start working together so they cannot follow through with ‘conquering’ us. The same stance should also be advocated against the Muslim World. We don’t need any of them.

  15. Let’s be realistic. If the Greek Government hadn’t pursued NATO, the EU and and every other US dominated and influenced organisation, but rather, chose to stick by Russia, we would have had a greater chance at solving our own foreign issues. The Russians in Cyprus is enough alone to warn the Turks and their Allies. Syria is the perfect example. The US was loud about attacking it and probably would have if the Russian Navy hadn’t been right behind the 5th Fleet.

  16. Well, I understand what you are saying, but if you look at this issue through the lens of the FYROM dispute, we are going to get nowhere. The United States clearly recognizes FYROM as Macedonia, and has ignored us as allies. So, by that standard, the US is no different than Russia. But it is different to Russia by other standards. Russia did not help plot the Cyprus divide, whereas the United States, with powers such as Great Britain, through Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger, did! And even setting that aside, is the US offering any money to rent the airbase? The answer is no. They simply do not like that the airbase would be ceded to Russia on a permanent basis…maybe that’s what they mean by “American Influence”… In addition to all this, has the United States ever stood by Cyprus or Greece, in the form of public military backing, as Russia has in this situation? I believe the answer is no. And I also believe that a Russian presence in Cyprus would dramatically change the ball game between Cyprus, Greece and Turkey. And the truth is that Cyprus does not have much of an air force at all…mainly helicopters, and it seems to me no fighter jets. So, it seems to me that a permanent, protective force, which would at the same time ease the financial burden, should be welcomed.

  17. What is the big deal if the Russians want to have a base on Cyprus???
    Give them a port for their ships to refuel and take on supplies…
    Let their airplanes land as well…and refuel and continue on their journey…
    Cyprus should not be considered by the objections of ANYONE…

  18. You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Russia Air Force is easily Europe’s most powerful air force. It has recently introduced or tested top of the line fighters like the SU-35 and the PAK FA and the fighter-bomber SU-34. Designs are currently being completed on the PAK DA, which will be a stealthy long-range strategic bomber.

  19. Any European country that trusts the USA is making a fatal mistake. Greeks take note, the USA is not your friend.

  20. “The United States clearly recognizes FYROM as Macedonia, and has ignored us as allies. So, by that standard, the US is no different than Russia.”

    Again, Russia wasn’t our ally whereas the US was supposed to be. All I am saying is we provide the deal to the Russians. Show goodwill to Greeks by removing recognition and condeming FYROM’s behavior, we leave NATO and help the Russians set up new military bases in aegean. Win. Win. Its just a matter if our government has the balls to make these sort of deals and how much the Russians want real allies. (which we would be it they did it, especially given nearly eveyrone also screwed us over and pretends not to notice the Skopians behavior)

  21. The U.S. would without question, see Turkey as a more suitable nation and a greater reliability for getting things done, over Greece, simply because the American government believes that the U.S. is the Greatest country in the world, and that any other country that does not have an huge importance and significance in their eyes is completely incapable of doing anything right.

  22. Most Americans don’t even know that the U.S. was even involved in that war, and possibly if the war even ever happened.

  23. 300 million Arabs with rocks and sticks are nothing.

    As for Russia. China is actually second to the US in the air force and Russia just has a lot of crappy old planes that could barely take off. Israeli has F-35s and has the best pilots in the world.

  24. The F-35 is superior and Israeli already has five of them while the Russians have to wait till 2016. By then, Israel to will be mass producing their own F-35s, and with our experienced fighter pilots, we will crush them.

  25. Your understanding of Russia’s military is very poor. Got to love how Russia’s space agency is doing better than NASA.

  26. Unlike Russia, the US hasn’t fought alongside Greeks against the Turks, but instead has fought alongside the Turks against the Greeks. The US is as much an ally to us as Turkey is. I imagine an EU + Russia alliance would be capable of wiping the US off of the European map.

  27. Not only this, but the US colluded with the Turks to invade Cyprus. The CIA has meddled in Greece and Cyprus’ affairs in the past as well.

  28. No, my delusional friend. The American military budget is larger than all of Europe, Russia, and Asia, and Africa, and Latin American, combined. America’s navy has 14 aircraft carriers, which is far more than Russia and Europe combined, and their aircraft carriers, like their entire naval arsenal, is more advance.

  29. Bringing space agency stuff into an argument about the Russian air force just exposes on how scrambled you are to try and point out some form of American inferiority as compared to another nation. Pathetic, anti-American fool indeed.

  30. Guys why don’t you ask Albania, Poland, Romania or other eastern blocks about Russia (LOL). You are so quick to jump into bed with Russia because of your anti-Americanism that you are short sighted. Don’t think the Russians will come with pretty blonds and chocolates for you. They will have their own interests too, and if I fast forward 20 years to this discussion, your children will be whining about Russia and how they “want stuff” and don’t care about our interests, and how we should have kept the USA in Greece/Cyprus.

  31. Britts must vacate their bases in Cyprus ! Enough with the enemies of Greece and Cyprus. Get them out now.

    Russia is an orthodox country and has offered help and historically always sided with Greece unlike ALL other “alleged” allies !

  32. plain and simple, russians and greeks have history and a shared culture. i believe russians should be allowed to put a base in cyprus and even on greece. im all for a pan-orthodox union. instead of a union like the EU where greece is at the bottom of the tottum pole

  33. I agree with you Jewish and Proud. I think that the alliance that Israel, Greece and Cyprus share is very important, for all parties, and the Macedonian issue is totally irrelevant to this alliance. I can’t believe something like that even came up. I think this new alliance will benefit all parties very well.

  34. I think Cyprus should choose the U.S. Greece and Cyprus are already good friends with Israel. The U.S. needs to join this alliance as well. Not only that, but Noble, an American company is drilling for gas in Cyprus’ EEZ, so it would make sense to have the U.S. there to protect Noble, and other companies, from a hostile Turkey.