Shocking Data on Violence Against Women in Greece

violence- womenNovember 25 has been established by the U.N. as  the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The phenomenon of domestic violence incidents are shocking and unfortunately  still occurring widely, especially in Greece.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was established by the U.N. in December 17, 1999 after the horrible murder of the political militants, Mirabal sisters, by the Dominican government of the dictator Trujillo. Today, 14 years later, in a seemingly civilized society plagued by the economic crisis and extreme behaviors, the phenomenon is more relevant than ever.

Unfortunately, in Greece the phenomenon of violence against women not only hasn’t disappeared but it has evolved. Incidences of violence do not only appear in social classes with a low educational level but occur in all walks of life.

According to the statistics, 68% of the women that have suffered abuse are married, while only 16% aren’t Greeks — four out of ten of the latter group come from the Balkans.

Seven out of ten female victims of abuse have received a secondary or higher education, while six out of ten, belong to the middle or upper class.

As far as the perpetrators are concerned, more than half, have received secondary or higher education, while only one out of ten is unemployed.


  1. This article has a provocative title of “Shocking Data on Violence Against Women in Greece”… yet does say how much actual violence occurs against woman nor does it compare to other states to see how valid the claim of “shocking” actual is.

    Abusing women is horrible but this does not mean one should resort to demagoguery against our country for the sake of titles and stories meant to “shock”. Rather than instill a false sense of overly broad moral outrage perhaps the author of such articles should provide precise facts and figures to give us a better understanding of the problem.

  2. Men of Greece. This is why I have a blow up doll called Imogen and pound her on a daily basis.