Tsipras: Adonis Georgiadis is a Hypocrite!

tsipras georgiadis

The head of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, during a press conference fiercely criticized Adonis Georgiadis, regarding the amendment on medicine.

Mr. Tsipras invited the Prime Minister to withdraw the amendment and stated: “If he truly aims to reduce the cost evenly then he should discuss it with us; we have specific recommendations because for us it is the only goal and the only thing that really matters. If he does not, then that means that his only objective is to serve interests.”

He also accused Adonis Georgiadis for raising the prices on 265 drugs, since he has taken over the Ministry of Health.

“The amendment serves the promotion of cheap and dubious generic drugs. The citizens should have access to affordable and quality tested drugs,” said Alexis Tsipras.

In addition, he called on Mr. Georgiadis to name the people from the drug industries who put pressure on him, and also to reveal the names of those who sued him.

Mr. Tsipras also said that if the purpose was to reduce prices, SYRIZA would vote for the amendment, however his party will not leave the Parliament for the ballot, but will remain to vote.

When asked if SYRIZA will submit their own proposal to the Parliament, Tsipras answered that his party will return to the issue at a later time, and will submit their own recommendations, seeing as the parliamentary procedure does not permit this at the present time.


  1. We shouldn’t raise the price of medicine on those that use them. Instead we should fund cheaper drug prices by setting up a green energy wind farm near Tsipiras’s mouth.

    Our leftists love to claim they are “defenders of the poor” and turn everyone that supports necessary cuts intovillains… without explaining where the money to pay for all the promises they keep making will come from. Shall we stiff all our creditors? Tax our businesses to extinction? Shamelessly milk EU taxpayers in perpetuity? Break into wealthy people’s homes and steal their silverware?

    The only place taxable income comes from is from our businesses. They are the ones that hire employees that later pay income tax. They are the ones the improve quality of life by producing goods and service. Meanwhile communist extremists like Tsipiras bites the hand that feeds us.

    Leftist extremists assure us they are all “against corruption”. They demonstrate this by constantly trying to bribe the public for their votes through false promises for free goodies. There is no more money. We have to balance our budgets. End of story.

    If someone claims otherwise, be all means show us where the money will come from or pull out your wallet to make up for any deficit. Otherwise please do the Greek people a favour and STFU with the self-righteousness hysteria already. Enough with the unprincipled catering to the irresponsible. We need self-reliant producers. Not more people just good for sucking back government handouts.

  2. Generic drugs are are not cheap and dubious. Those are the same compnies that supply first world hospitals.

    The screaming Chimp is actually supporting big pharma by condemning generic drug manufacturers. Of course I’m not talking about manufacturers from Mongolia, I’m talking about First world generic drug makers. The same one big pharma would love to erase.

  3. Well Tsipras is a “Big hypocrit” in this saga…The Health Minister is trying to bring down the price of medicine and Tsipra is sabotaging his efforts…Tsipra is very good in promising but can’t deliver…Tsipra is very good in the bla…bla…bla like all communists…

  4. In Greece they want everything free. In Canada we all pay for our medications. There is no free drug plan. You pay into a plan if your company provides it or if you are part of the public sector. How does Greece get a free drug plan? Also, why should the pharmacies in Greece dictate when to be open for consumers and being a closed profession limited to a few? This is total non-sense. This is why everything is broke in Greece and no competition to have fair prices or the ability to create even valid Greek companies.

  5. Mr. Georgiadis the (ex-Laos far Right member) is a complete idiot and a pathetic clown posing as a Minister in a post he should “never” had were it not for Samaras desperation for anyone to fill the job. He did the same mistaake hiring the fool and “family connected” Kyrikos Mitsotakis in his post as well. What a ship of fools!

  6. You’re no “Truth”, you are an idiot like the rest of them commenting acting like Gergiadis is wonderful and a good image for Greece and Greeks with his continuous daily rantings and tirades on the Press Talk Shows– Give us a break, please— this guy is a disgrace to the human race !

  7. This guy is doing something no one from our past corrupt politicians haven’t done…He is trying to restore the system in the Ministry from being abused by some corrupt civil servants and some doctors…I support him 100% in his endeavour…

  8. Is anyone keeping track of the number of Ministers raising the cost of living and working in Greece? When we read about the light at the end of the tunnel and see everyday some new government initiative causing costs to spiral upward the two “stories” do not make sense. This is pure resume building with at least 5 ND Ministers vying for Samaras’ seat at our expense and pain.


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