WHO Predicts 26,000 Dismissals in Greek Health System

health_care_systemThe World Health Organization (WHO) announces that there are major impacts in Greek health-system due to financial crisis. The report of WHO, predicts huge cuts and thousands of layoffs in public health sector.

This data is connected to the layoffs in all sectors and concerns the doctors and nursing staff of all categories.

In regards to the report of WHO, the budgets of hospitals have been cut by about 40% and it is estimated that 26,000 employees will lose their position in public health, among them 9,100 doctors.

However, this data is shown for the first time without any similar assessment in the past by another organization.


  1. Greece is a drop in the bucket compared to other countries rationalizing their nationalized health care system. Where is the WHO’s report on the impact of Obamacare on the US Health Industry or are they scared he’ll cut off their funding? The once highly esteemed practice of medicine for the average citizen has now been lowered to essentially a commodity practice like auto repair and plumbing.

  2. WHO is the same nitwits that reporters Greeks were injected HIV to get benefits. (which made global headlines). Of course newsnetworks as usual didn’t bother to validate such a ridiculous story (much like they pretend not to notice the Skopians turn into “ancient Macedonians” to hide their embarrassment for recognizing them). Everyone jump at the chance to bash greeks these days.