Bishop Seraphim Against Homosexual Cohabitation Agreement

seraphimBishop Seraphim of Piraeus is threatening to excommunicate any member of the Greek Parliament that votes for the amendment to include same-sex couples in the Cohabitation Agreement.

A few days after Greece’s conviction by the Strasbourg Court, which ruled the exclusion of same-sex couples from the Cohabitation Agreement contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights, the government is discussing a new regulation.

In an announcement posted on the Metropolis of Piraeus website, Bishop Seraphim said that the amendment “puts Greece in a position of institutionalizing, in the most gruesome manner, the twist of human ontology and physiology and consolidating the psycho-pathological diversion of homosexuality.”

The Bishop sends an urgent request for an emergency convergence of the Church of Greece hierarchy because: “During these tragic times, we need to address the issue and enforce the necessary measure, like it happened in the Orthodox Church of Moldova.”

In fact, he calls the government not to proceed with the implementation of “this insult against God and men.”


  1. Our newly appointed Saint Porphyrios reprimanded Elder Paisios for discussing and exciting the people with the return of Constantinople. His point was that this is an earthly issue for policitians and the military not for spiritual Christians as himself.

    Hellenism has only links of culture to Orthodoxy nothing more. I am Greek and proud to an earthly extent, but you know what, God does not care about that!

  2. Anyone who preaches violence and espouses racism is not a Christian. Explain to me how your beliefs are compatible with Christianity. Are you a muslim or something?

  3. What kind of Christianity is this? Your beliefs have nothing to do with Christianity in fact they are the exact opposite. You are a Turk trolling here to humiliate the Greek people – you give this away when you talk about religion as what you see is islamic not Christian

  4. I LOL when Atheists/Agnostics expect some sort of minority status and feel like they’re being persecuted. Imagine a country that was not majority Christian, but majority Islamic and then imagine being an Atheist/Agnostic living in that country.

    Maybe then you’d have a right to complain about persecution. I’m an Agnostic-Atheist myself and I don’t feel we need all that protection, the only country I would say that need their Christians kicked off their high-horse is America, their Christians are complete wacko’s and is why they don’t get anywhere. Thankfully I don’t live there.

    And what really pisses me off about Atheists/Agnostics these days is they think they’re some sort of group, that just because I’m a sceptic I must share their same views or sit down and have a beer with them all, what a load of rubbish. Yeah okay, Atheism is becoming ‘cool’ just because some educated Atheists on TV talk smack to Christians, but Atheism isn’t a group just like Theism isn’t a group, you wouldn’t group Christians and Muslims together just because they’re both Theists, right?

    You should check out that ‘Atheism+’ crap they’re trying, they’re infecting atheist groups with commietard crap as we speak. Atheism = Lack of believe in a deity or deities and the supernatural, it says nothing about feminism or egalitarianism. LOL

  5. No no no..atheists do not expect any kind of status, minority or otherwise. We are not a group or race or nationality or anything. I am not an agnostic but do not discriminate against them. I’m an atheist but I do not claim union with any group at all. Not even other atheists. I simply don’t care to belong to a group of anyone..not even a group of atheists. I don’t think atheism is cool. Most people don’t trust an atheist. Wouldn’t trust an atheist.

    I certainly have opinions about racism, feminism, egalitarianism but not opinions that come from my “group” which doesn’t exist.

    I think all people are equal.
    That’s it.
    I don’t have any other ideology.

  6. If Egalitarianism was true, and that WAS how the world worked, say good-bye to the food-chain. And Atheists do act like they’re in some sort of group without them even realizing it. Nothing is equal, to say something like that is absurd, the universe would break down. I’ve been an atheist ever since I could remember, before being indoctrinated into the Commie-Manifesto, so I know how it works.

  7. I don’t get what you’re saying. Atheists are not a group. How could the universe break down because of atheists? Or are you saying if everyone is equal the world would break down? Why is saying “everyone is equal” absurd?

  8. Because they’re not all equal. It’s a touching story, but it’s not reality. The universe is based on inequalities, without it, nothing would work. I just gave you an example before, the food-chain, it’s based on inequality. You could protect the fish from getting eaten by bears, but then you starve the bears.

    And you’re correct, Atheists are not a group! Finally, someone gets it! Unfortunately for most Atheists, they don’t get it and act like a group.

  9. I’m not talking about animals though. I said all humans are equal. We are the same species so of course, we are all equal. LOL i don’t want to protect the fish against bears! LOL

  10. and BTW, please show me where atheists are acting as a group. I have no idea. Where are they?

  11. I guess you don’t know what an ‘example’ is. And Humans are animals, don’t be daft. What, you think we’re more important? Sounds odd coming from an Atheist. Just because Humans are the same species, does not make everyone equal.

  12. No, you said that everyone is equal, which they’re not. No one person is the same as another person, and no one group is the same as another group.

    Come on, this stuff we learnt in High School, you just need to take a class in biology and you can pretty much see it clear as day.

  13. But Church & State are in the Greek constitution. And even if it wasn’t, you still can’t force priests to marry same sex couples.

    Come on guys, there is much more problems than whether or not gay people can get married, it’s like people think this is even important, it’s more like gays just wanting to troll the church. Lol

  14. I am talking about Humans, therefore I am talking about animals. Now are you going to refrain from trying multiple times to Straw-Man your way out of ignorance, naïveté and lack of information on the subject – And failing miserably, or are you going to debate me. This is pathetic.

  15. Do you live in the middle of the Sahara or something? Have you not heard of ‘Atheism+’? Or the various other organizations catered to ‘Rights for Atheists’ that inevitably diverge into ‘Feminism, Egalitarianism, Equality Social constructs and various other Communist philosophies’?

  16. “The church is not greek! It is Orthodox!”

    Indeed…but that works against him (and you) as speaking for Hellenism.

    “they too were a perverted society with pedophilia, infanticide, slavery etc etc.”

    Right again…. but analogizing “pedophilia, infanticide, slavery”… with the personal choices of two grown adults is rationally incorrect. What business is if of yours what they wish to do?

    “Christianity was not forced on the Ancient Greeks.”

    Pure rubbish. Ancient Roman Christians (mostly Latins) brutally oppressed pagan religion followers all over Europe. Who do you think closed the ancient Olympics? Who do you think closed the academy in Athens? Who do you think made it practically a death sentence to believe in Zeus? It is only in late middle ages that the church became less fundamentalist.

  17. You are right. Racism is not part of the christian religion. Homophobia is also not part of Hellenism. MSMiles behaves neither like a Christian nor a Hellene. His ideology seems to be fascism.

  18. You are commit a crime against the Greek people by demonizing Greeks on daily basis (including our very church today)

  19. Mayors are not priests, they do not oversee churches.
    They are servants of the electorate and they oversee the civil bureaucracy. It is their job to perform the marriages.
    Priests are a different matter.

  20. generally accepted stats are 3 to 5 %. It appears fairly uniform across different cultures, religions, ethnicities and political landscapes.

  21. US Army Removes Crosses, Steeple from Chapel at forward operating base Orgun-E (in Afghanistan) after Jewish American President David Silverman of “American Athiests” sent a letter to the Pentagon.

    So there you have it. An example of a powerful organized ATHIEST GROUP led by Jew David Silverman unsurprisingly orchestrating the removal of Christian Crosses from US military bases in Afghanistan. As if these poor young men so many thousands of kilometers from home didn’t have enough problems with Islamic extremists from the Taliban trying to kill them.