Greek Journalist Acquitted for Lagarde List Case

vaxevanisThe Greek journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis, was unanimously acquitted for publishing the content of the Lagarde list.

The court prosecutor that was assigned to the case suggested that Mr. Vaxevanis should be found guilty of publishing the Lagarde List in his magazine Hot Doc.

The public prosecutor referred to the fact that the persons’ professions were noted in the list, next to their names, a violation of private information and they hadn’t given their consent for its publication.

“The purpose of the trial is not to censor or intimidate but to set the limits for the two statutory rights which sometimes collide,” said the prosecutor.

He added that there would be a different approach to the case, if Mr. Vaxevanis had published the names of people who were in public office or associated with such people as intermediaries.”

During his plea the journalist argued that the goal of publicizing the Lagarde list was “to expose the corrupted system that oppresses Greece.”

It should be noted that in the first instance Kostas Vaxevanis was declared innocent, but right now he is being tried again after the Prosecutor of Athens appealed in favor of the law.


  1. God Bless this man, Kostas Vaxevanis and thank God he was not assassinated by the corrupt coalition Greek government protecting all these LAMOGIA- thieves and crooks on the LaGarde list.

  2. Vaxevanis is a symbol to rally around .. in one is a populist.

    Alleged journalists like Vaxevanis are not above the law as he seems to believe. Given the extreme circumstances he shouldn’t go to jail for what he did but he did violate those people’s privacy.

    Granted some of the people on the list are probably guilty of tax evasion but that’s for a formal tax auditor to decide. None of the populists that treat Vaxevanis as a “hero” would want their own personal fiances put up for inspection in the kangaroo court of public opinion. Vaxevanis’s supporters aren’t “against corruption”. They are just a mob of selfrighteous fanatics trying to push their sundry political agendas.

  3. Bravo for the Court! — Why are they after Vaxevanis and NOT after Venizelos after he hid the Legarde List in his home for 2 years letting Rich Greeks stash their stolen Greece tax money in secret Swiss Bank accounts… Figure it out, it doesn’t take a genius! The whole thing stinks of ROTTEN PASOK & ND Crooked Politicians with immunity — only out to protect their own High Crimes against the State & People!

  4. And you sir “guest” are a complete and utter FOOL helping destory you own country with you blind love for the master criminals running PASOK & ND!

  5. Yes, but what good is the list in prosecution since it’s the product of theft and therefore inadmissible to court.

  6. Vaxevanis should be praised for his actions to bring to light the names of all Tax evaders to the public…It is his duty as a journalist to search for the truth since the government is not it’s job in a professional way trying to hide corruption…

  7. Well said. Agreed. I’m happy for this man that’s as a journalist he wasn’t killed by the Greek government for listing the names of tax evaders on the LaGarde list. The Greek government is nothing but a mafia. A corrupt body of politicians and leading them is that filthy fat pig named Venizelos. The so called Supreme Justice of Greece. Sketi Vroma.

  8. Good point. Did the authorities allow the list to be “stolen” so that it would be inadmissible in court?