Northern Greece: Schools Closed Due to Cold & No Heating

schoolsclosedLocal authorities of Naoussa and Florina, decided to postpone the function of all school units in these two municipalities.

And here comes the reason: the shortage in heating subsidies along with the cold weather and low temperatures led the Mayors of Naoussa and Florina to close all local schools for one day.

Naoussa’s mayor stated that “seeing as the weather is going to get really cold and the temperature will drop drastically, we decided to close all schools of the nearby region because the funds which have already been allocated for school heating were not sufficient. Consequently, we cannot provide our students with a proper environment in which they could attend their lessons.”

The funding is not adequate to cover the needs of all the school units (54 in total) in the municipality. Thus, the schools remained close due to that fact that numerous facilities remain without heating.

Apart from the municipalities of Naoussa and Florina, local authorities of Kozani and Kastoria also decided to close all school units as they face similar problems and they lack in heating subsidies.


  1. Rather than closing schools they should be either firing idil teachers or reducing their own salaries. Manipulatively holding children hostage like this because they don’t want to do so is wrong.

  2. Bad budgeting is no excuse to close schools. A good resourceful administrator can reallocate funds to ensure they remain open. The unfortunate part is many administrators look at their employment as just a job where they can callously turn their back on needy students close the schools but they still get paid. The salary of political appointees and administrators would go a long way to restoring heat and so would a large pile of wood.