Greek Police Arrest Third Albanian Escapee

alvanoi drapetesThe third Albanian escapee, Reis Haxhiraj, was arrested a short time ago, at a distance of about 2 km from the spot of yesterday’s arrest.

The Albanian was detected by a trained police dog. Haxhiraj, who has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for kidnapping, was surrounded by police and arrested with absolutely no resistance.

Although he was armed with Kalashnikovs, the fugitive chose not to bring on any resistance when he was confronted by the Special Counter-Terrorist Unit (EKAM).

A total of seven people had escaped from the prison in Korca. The Albanian authorities managed to arrest four of them, while it is believed that the other three have entered Greece.

Boarder guards and men of EKAM, combed the whole area, in order to hunt down the criminals. The three men were located yesterday near the villages of Xrisi and Peyko in Kastoria. When the police tried to restrain the escapees who had entered Greek territory, they drew guns on them and fray ensued.

One of them, the 31-year old Toma Gezim, threw his gun down and tried to escape running, but the police managed to arrest him a few minutes later.

The other two disappeared and managed to hide somewhere in an inaccessible area. In the morning the police identified and arrested 31 year-old Edwart Lulo, who is sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery and murder, grievous bodily harm and weapon possession.


  1. If you only ate garlic and onions while in prison you too would be desperate to escape and head for Greece.

  2. This is only making the Greek news because they are Albanian, if it were Greek prisoners that had escaped there wouldn’t be so much hype about it.

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  5. Thanks Albania, keep sending more Albanian criminals to Greece, we can use them as target practice….