Intense Reactions Block Legislation for Same-Sex Couples

same sex coupleThe government is blocking the new legislation for the integration of homosexual couples in the cohabitation agreement after the reactions of MPs of Nea Dimokratia and the church. The Greek government believes that the direct promotion of the legislation isn’t necessary.

The prospect of including the amendment into the new anti-racism bill, which emerged during a meeting with  the Minister of Justice, Charalambos Athanassiou and MPs of  PASOK, was abandoned yesterday. The antiracism-bill will be modified with one addition, which will foresee strict penalties for those who incite violence  relating to sexual orientation.

After the intervention of the Greek Prime Minister, the extension of the cohabitation agreement “froze” as it had lead to intense reactions from Nea Dimokratia’s MPs. There was telephone communication between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice, regarding the issue, in order to avoid polarization in the party of Nea Dimokratia.

However, members of the government admit that Greece should sooner or later deal with the issue, since they have been convicted twice by the European Court for Human Rights.

Meanwhile Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus threatens to excommunicate any member of the Greek parliament that votes for the legislation.


  1. The European Court for Human Rights isn’t very credible (given they play stupid as Skopians turn into “ancient Macedonians”) That said, Seraphim’s behavior only further emphasize the legitimate need for legislation to protect the rights of gay people in Greece. An explicit bill makes far more sense than leaving it to Greek courts to rule of incidents of discrimination on ad-hoc basis. When the next incident occurs and the court verdict doesn’t favour some gay couple it will only reflect poorly on Greece. ND is currently better than the alternatives but this stalling of the inevitable only gives ammunition to their opponents to further undermine their credibility.

  2. When you say things like that you only sound like the Taliban. You not only embarrass yourself but you embarrass our county.

  3. Those afflicted with this condition do not need rights that encourage this behavior; they need proper psychological and spiritual guidance to overcome or manage their affliction.

  4. Ancient Greeks did not always approve of homosexuality but they most certainly tolerated it.

    Thus those that oppose equal rights for homosexuals aren’t behaving hellenic. They actually behaving closer to the views of Taliban and Nazis.

  5. Yeah f… the European Court for Human Rights.
    Fags can always move to another more freer European country.
    Free world!!

  6. He’s not embarrassing Greece. He’s embarrassing Australia. But let’s give him another chance; we may have misread his outburst. Maybe by saying F**k the fags, he’s advocating gay sex. BTW, he is equally enlightened when it comes to Jews.

  7. The Greek Orthodox Christian Church has thwarted International Jewry’s plans to enforce acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and to promote it as “normal” in Greece. Unfortunately the more secular nations in Western Europe have been unable to withstand their governments (acting on orders of powerful Jewish lobbies) legalizing same sex marriage and promoting it’s acceptance in schools.

  8. Greece and Russia — two Europeans countries that are proud of their Orthodox heritages and will not allow themselves to be brow-beaten into submission regarding Gay rights.

    Bless them.

  9. You’d expect a place like Greece to have a healthy democratic government system, a modern and efficient economy, a separation of state and church, and an open society where people are equal regardless of their sexual orientation or religious belief. All these ideas are of greek origin, and have inspired the European ideals and principle that are defended European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

    Instead, this all follows a general trend in Greece, which is lagging 30 years behind, in governance, economy, and in human rights… My hope goes to the new generation!

  10. The church of Greece does not allow it? most Greek monks do it among themselves on a daily basis and the bishops that don,’t have nieces are also practice it frequently.Ecclesiastic hypocrisy on a a grand scale.Please please please save us from the Orthodox church they want us back into the dark ages.Did you know that fanatic early Christians destroyed the Hellenic culture and fantastic works of art including Olympia.? I would never allow these hypocritical and sanctimonious morons to decide our democracy.

  11. You can say whatever you like but so can others. You should move to Afghanistan if you wish to behave like the Taliban. You certainly don’t share the values of Hellenes (nor Australians for that matter)

  12. Indeed but lumping in our church today as being to blame for that is unfair. That was latin Roman Christians (who did it all over Europe not just Greece). The Greek church makes mistakes (and like all religions has a few extremists within it) but without the Greek church there would be no Greece today. Our cowardly unhellenic leftists certainly would never have fought the Ottomans for our liberty. We would have all been eventually assimilated into turks.

  13. Youare extremely wrong, I am not an extremist I am profoundly democrat. The church did not liberate Greece but it’s heroic people and heroes who sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy. It is ahistorical fact.A despot in Greek means a tyrant .Under the Ottoman occupation in Greece Greek Bishops used by the Turks to collect the taxes for them.And in the name of Christ they were doing this very concienciously increasing the amounts for their finantial benefit.The Turks rewarded them with vast acres of land which they still own.Soon will be the court case for the scandal of vatopedion and will all see the filth and degredation of far too many members of the so called holly fathers,although there are some honest members among them for whom I have the outmost respect.

  14. You’re absolutely crazy. This is why the rest of the world see Nazism and Nazis as the psychopaths they truly are. How does this have anything to do with Jewish people? Are you crazy? Why would Jewish groups fight for equal rights for homosexuals in Israel if there was really some grand conspiracy?

  15. Low class, low education, sad disgrace. Ausgreek, please don’t advertise your ethnicity on the internet as we are all ashamed of what you say.