Universities Remain Closed

on strikeAlthough the government seems optimistic that the impasse between university administrative employees and the Ministry of Education will be lifted, it still appears that students are being held hostage by the strikes.

The Ministry of education seems to be backing off. However, despite the meetings between Minister Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, the rectors and the administrative staff, the latter say that they don’t trust the Minister and his commitments.

Consequently, the employees of the National Technical University of Athens decided to proceed with a new 24-hour strike on Friday and a 48-hour strike starting on Monday.

Sources from the Ministry of Education say, that Arvanitopoulos is willing to meet with the employees of NTUA in order to guarantee that he will follow through with his promises.

The administrative staff of NTUA and their colleagues met at the University of Athens on Thursday morning. Both sides decided to continue mobilizations, announcing a 48-hour strike starting on Monday.

The meeting that took place at the University of Athens had a tense atmosphere. One of the administrative employees who participated in the meeting with Arvanitopoulos, proposed that they end strikes, but that didn’t go over well with colleagues. The argument was so intense that a woman fainted. Luckily, an ambulance arrived immediately to administer first aid.


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