Anti-fascist Protest in Athens Banned by Police

antifasistiki poreia

The Greek Police decided to ban the anti-fascist demonstration that was planned by labour movements, unions, student clubs. The demonstration was supposed to take place on Saturday.

By order of the Hellenic Police Chief, all mass round-ups will be allowed, but for security reasons, the demonstrations will be restricted

Anti-government groups and anti-fascists have organized a gathering that will take place in the Monastiraki and Propylaea area at 4pm on Saturday. They stated, “this will happen in order to block the turnout of fascists. At the same time, our gathering at Propylaea is to be able to surround them.”

At 7pm, members of the Golden Dawn party are meeting at Syntagma Square in order to demonstrate “the organized political and judicial conspiracy and illegal detention” of MP’s Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Christos Pappas and Giannis Lagos.


  1. I’m all against fascism but the “Anti-facist” protests in Greece are often just just fronts for extremist leftist groups. Its sensible to restrict their actions given rather than peacefully demonstrate they ften engage in their own street violence and sometimes even terrorism (ironically mimicking the lawless undemocratic behavior of GD). There are current two extremes in Greece. (arguably even three if we throw in the numerically insignificant but prone to violence anarchists)

  2. What lawless GD behaviour are you talking about? GD has organized a peacefull gathering to protest the imprisonment of their leader by the sleazy New Democracy-Pasok governing coalition. Don’t even try to compare GD with Leftist Anarchist “anti-fascists” when it comes to violence and terrorism and anarchy. When the Leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death in a street brawl by an alleged supporter of GD the Leftist anarchist “anti-fascists” rioted for a month, carrying out arson attacks and fighting street battles with riot police in various Greek cities. When 2 young Golden Dawn members Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis were murdered execution style outside GD party offices by Leftist terrorists, Golden Dawn did not riot even for 1 minute. Golden Dawn held peacefull, sullen remembrance ceremonies. You should note these differences.

  3. On January 8th 1991 Leftist Νίκος Τεμπονέρας was brutally murdered by Ιωάννης Καλαμπόκας, who was a member of New Democracy and advisor to the party in Patras.
    Why didn’t the Greek political establishment push for the leadership of New Democracy to be arrested, charged and investigated for leading a criminal organization? The hypocrisy is staggering!

  4. Golden Dawn, the anti-seismic, neo-Nazi, racist, Adolf Hitler loving party is some how believed in your mind, to be peaceful.

  5. This being Greek reporter (aka leftists) neglects to mention the “minor” point that the government also shutdown GD demonstration as well. The government made a wise decision shutting down both groups. I agree that the anarchists and communists are also extremists

  6. There is no hypocrisy here. There is a big difference between an individual who supports some political party committing a crime and an unelected party that systematically encourages street violence. (aka terrorism). You don’t see ND/Pasok supporters out on the streets with military fatigues attacking illegals. You don’t see them on a regular basis self righeously rioting for handouts. You don’t seem them planting terrorist bombs.

    Virtually All the lawless undemocratic street violence in Greece of Greeks violently attacking other Greeks comes from GD, Syriza/KKE, and anarchists. Lovers of foreign fascism and communism. Traitors to Hellenism

  7. It is the corrupt New Democracy-Pasok governing coalition that needs to be rounde up and jail for life for High Treason against the Greek People!

  8. Golden Dawn was going to hold a peacefull gathering to demonstrate against the imprisonment of their leader and two other MP’s by the New Democracy – PASOK governing coalition. The Golden Dawn gathering simply wanted to be left alone to protest. If the coalition government wanted to ban a protest they should have banned the troubleseeking Leftists who by their own words set out to “block” & “surround” the Golden Dawn protest.

  9. Ironic how the Jews were targeted by the Nazi’s and even then, when threatened with total annihilation, the State of Israel has, from 1948 until the present day, been engaged in conducting similar if not equal tactics against the Palestinians. And how do you Jews justify your actions? By bitching and moaning exactly like the Nazi’s did by believing the entire world revolves around you and that there is some great threat in the world out to get you. Well, Jewish and Proud!, let me tell you this, NO ONE GIVES A F*** ABOUT ISRAEL OR JEWS. Ok? And certainly not us Greeks. Just remember Jew, it was the Byzantine Greeks who brought your population down lower than the Nazi’s ever dreamed. Approximately 16000 to be exact. How’s that for a lesson of the day?

  10. The Palestinians had what was coming to them. Israel would turn Greece into a second Palestine if the your pathetic, moron, neo-Nazi criminal organization was elected. In fact Palestine would be the safest place for you Greeks if the Golden Dawn were elected. You have to understand that the Golden Dawn plan on going to war with Israel. The Greek military is pathetic compared to Israelis though, so good luck with that.