Greece to Restore Ancient Sparta City Theater

Ancient Sparta City TheaterAfter centuries of neglect, another important classical Greek monument, the theater of the city of Sparta, will be restored to its ancient splendor thanks to a joint project by the Greek ministry of culture and tourism, the Diazoma citizens’ movement to save ancient theaters, and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The ministry’s Central Archeological Council has approved the restoration of the theater, one of the largest if not the largest in ancient Greece, to be carried out by a team of archeologists, architects, engineers, topographers and restorers led by architect Guglielmo Orestidis. Work is set to begin next year and will probably end in 2015, city authorities said.

Pausanias, the Greek traveler and geographer of the 2nd century AD, described the Sparta theater built in 30-20 BC entirely in local white marble, as ”made of white stone, and worthy of being seen”. With its 17,000-spectator capacity, Sparta’s theater surpassed the most famous of ancient theaters, that of the city of Epidaurus, which had capacity of 12,000. After first phase restoration, which will cost five million euros, the theater will be able to hold 700 spectators, with capacity of 2,000 once work on the middle and upper portions is completed, Orestidis explained.

”Contemporary Sparta was built literally on the ruins of ancient Sparta, with entire chunks of the theater used to built nearby homes”, said Culture Ministry Secretary General Lina Mendoni. ”The concave side even once held a Byzantine church.
The theater has been mistreated too long”, she concluded.
”We are here to fill in a historic gap, to right a historic injustice”, said Diazoma chief Stavros Benos.
”We all grew up with the values that determined ancient Athens and ancient Sparta. But the latter has never properly shown its historical wealth, which is what we want to rediscover”.
(source: ANSA)


  1. You do know that the Spartans lost the battle of Thermopylae
    And that there were actually 24,000 soldiers, 80 times the number you and your source (Hollywood) previously though
    Also note that I wrote Spartans instead of Greeks, since Athenians were of Ionian descent while Spartans were of Doric, just like the Ancient Macedonians, saying Greeks would be a very inaccurate term since saying that someone is Greek even though they are Spartan is the same as saying that someone is Scandanavian, you just don’t know which group of people the author is talking about
    Seems like you GD members are mindless sheep after all.

  2. The Byzantines mistreated the most since they wanted to erase any trace of Ancient Greece.

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  4. The Byzantines like the Spartans are a glorious era in Hellenic history. Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire are two different eras in the glorious history of eternal Hellas

  5. Before putting forward such theories about Aryanism you need to know that Iran (Persia) means the land of the Aryans.

    Therefore the Greeks who are superior to any Aryan you can think of actually defeated the Aryans(Arians, Persians) in the Battle of Thermopylae.

    That is why there is nothing superior in human history than being a Greek.

  6. Hey Turkbanian, Even the most critical historian of the battle of thermopayle places the MAXIMUM numbers of soldiers at around 5,000

    300 Spartans was the Front line attack and these men are immortal in Greek history.

    3-5,000 Other Greeks from Thebes/Athens and various other city-states particpated also in a more assymetrical way, they were responsible for setting up surprise ambushes and other types of attacks away from the Front Line.

    Big difference between Scandanavia and Ancient greek is that the distance between Sweden in West and Denmark/Finland to the East is Tens if not hundreds of thousands of kilometers in distance, most tribes never even knew other tribes existed in that massive and cold land-mass.

    IN Greece you would walk the distance from MAcedonia to Sparta in very short time which led to a single unified country and culture after the fall of the city-state structure.

    Now go back to stealing our heroes .. maybe you can turn Plato into a Slavic Gypsy next

  7. There is no such thing as a “byzantine”. They were romans. This modern term was invented as a political weapon (the germans at the time claimed roman imperial authority as their own so didn’t want to call Greek Roman empire “roman’) Greeks that use the term “Byzantine” are irrationally distancing themselves from both our middle age ancestors and ancient Greeks.

  8. Sheer nonsense. All self-identified ethnically as Hellenes at ancient Panhellenic sporting events.

  9. I agree that belief in Zeus, Hera, et all represents the truest Hellenic religion. That said, religion is a myth.

    If we wish to make Greece great again it will require focusing our attentions to mathematics, physics, and other sciences.. Focusing all our attention to praying to leprechauns in the sky will only end up with us behaving like the Taliban.

  10. The thing is, only the uneducated make comments such as yours. Let me break it down for you:
    Hellen is the ‘Father of the Hellenes. He had three sons including Xuthus, Aeolis and Dorus, each of whom The First Four Hellenic Tribeswas named after. These were the Achaeans, after Xuthus and his son Achaeus, the Ionians, after Xuthus and his son Ion, the Aeolians, after Aeolis and finally, the Dorians, after Dorus. The Spartans are descendants of the Dorians as are the Macedonians, but in the end, they were BOTH Hellenes.

    Next time, don’t try and come on here talking about things you clearly have no idea of. XENO!

  11. There were cases of the Byzantine Greeks conducting such things such as the time of Justinian but even within the Byzantine Empire which emphasised mostly on Orthodox Christianity, they made attacks against this as well, i.e. Iconoclasm. The important thing is, Modern Greeks have recognised the importance of both the Ancient and Medieval era’s.

  12. I know everyone uses the term “Byzantine” but I would avoid using it. Putting aside the political motivations behind the use of this word was intended to harm Greeks, it also is an insult in the english language to reference something as “Byzantine” (alleged backwards). The irony is our Roman ancestors were one of the most technically advanced societies of the middle ages.

    If we want Greece to be great again, it cannot come from thinking like the Skopians whose conceptualization of “Macedonian” amounts to trying to “impress” people with giant Alexander statues. It must come from conforming to the ideals of Hellenism. One of the most important lessons of ancient Greeks is the importance of understanding the world as it is through observation and reason.

  13. Distance from Oslo to Stockholm – 419 Km

    Distance from Thessaloniki to Sparta – 510 Km

    Distance from Thessaloniki to Athens – 315 Km

    Now this is assuming that both travelers go by foot/horseback, but if they were to go by sea then
    the distance from Thessaloniki to Sparta would be about 300 nautical miles, which could be crossed in around 2-3 days, but at the same time the distance from Oslo to Copenhagen would be 260 nautical miles, so it’s about the same for both groups.

    Now the distance from Thessaloniki to Scupi is only 190 Km, so don’t you think there would be more similarities between people living in modern day FYROM and modern day Greek Macedonia than Athenians.
    Have a look for yourself

    Note how the Croatians are also 8% Hellenic, describing the close tie Croatians and Greeks have in common and how both Croatians and Bosnians are more Illyrian than Albanians, further proving that modern day Albanians are immigrants from the Chechen region brought in by the Turks as cheap labor.

    I see myself and identify myself as a Macedonian, but not as a direct descendant of Alexander the Great, but as a descendant of a Slavic tribe that came to the region and interbred with the local Macedonian population, creating the modern day ethnic group. I’m actually prouder to be a Slav and be recognized as having the same blood running through my veins as the men and women before me who brought Nazi Germany to it’s knees than to be known as a direct descendant of ONE man who was only successful because his army had a longer spear and was fighting a very inexperienced king, in fact I believe the world should know more about Sun Tzu since he created the fundamentals of warfare and anyone, regardless of technology or numbers, can implement these tactics and succeed.

    To conclude, I just want to say that nobody is pure blooded these days and that people shouldn’t use ancient statistics in order to judge today’s way of living


    another genetic sheet

  14. don’t you think the Greek population would push GD to first better the economy, a task that I don’t believe a group of ex-military and ultra nationalists can complete. And I think the Greek people would much rather take land from Turkey than from some small country

  15. But sadly you’re using the wrong term of “Aryan”, the one used before the revision.

    Excerpt taken from

    “In the 18th century, the most ancient known Indo-European languages were those of the ancient Indo-Iranians. The word Aryan was therefore adopted to refer not only to the Indo-Iranian peoples, but also to native Indo-European speakers as a whole, including the Romans, Greeks, and the Germans. It was soon recognised that Balts, Celts, and Slavs also belonged to the same group. It was argued that all of these languages originated from a common root—now known as Proto-Indo-European—spoken by an ancient people who were thought of as ancestors of the European, Iranian, and Indo-Aryan peoples. The ethnic group composed of the Proto-Indo-Europeans and their modern descendants was termed the ‘Aryans’.”

    So technically you’re saying that the Greeks conquered and destroyed the Greeks, which doesn’t make much sense

  16. Nice irrelevant facts with distance that do not include terrain. But skopje have never ever been part of any definition of Macedonia before Vardaska banovina was renamed by Tito anyway. As for local population, you are aware that by that time when the slavs came there were no separate Macedonian people around and all Greek tribes had for a long time been in effect a single Greek people under roman rule, in addition to the fact that when the slavs invaded they took over very lowly populated inland areas, while the major population lived in the big costal cities.

     There is no basis for your assimilation theory, especially when genetics show how extremely close you are with your slavic neighbours (see results from Oxford university, they are available). The very first slav to claim to be macedonian did so in late 19th century, while Macedonia have been refered to as Greek continously throughout time since the father of history himself. I mean there are even records from the time when you claim you had your “macedonian” kingdom under Samuel (see Exaugustus Boioannes) which truly shows you did not assimilate and take over the Macedonians and you are fooled Bulgarians!