100 Years Since Crete’s Union with Greece

Crete Union with GreeceThe 100th anniversary of Crete’s Union with Greece was celebrated yesterday with the hoisting of the Greek flag over the historic fortress Firka in the old port of Chania.

Minister of Administrative Reform, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, represented the government and gave a speech. Referring to the anniversary he said: “It is a great honor for me to represent the Government in this great ceremony of the 100 years since the union of Crete with Greece. It is a special day of remembrance and tribute to all those who fought for Crete’s freedom identifying it with the union to Greece.”

The events started early this Sunday morning in Chania, when the naval and Cretan division band performed in the main streets of the city.

According to AMNA an official Doxology took place in the Cathedral and then a procession was formed to follow the Greek flag to the Firka Fortress.

The Mayor of Chania, Manolis Skoulakis made a reference to the period, noting among other things, “that the events of that period send the message, that all can be conquered if the people decide to fight, along with their leaders who must be able to guide them and make difficult decisions”.

As happened in 1913 when the two elder freedom fighters Anagnostis Mantakas and Chatzimichalis Giannaris raised the Greek flag in the Firka Fortress, yesterday the Mayor of Chania along with other officials hoisted the Greek flag on the same spot, in memory of the events of that period.


  1. I wonder what Crete gained out of it, except the Turkish seed that now makes up Greece and the froudulus equivalent remark of “Greek”.

    Now just so I understand correctly a man from Crete is called Cretan, as in different from Cretin, right?
    Man, this is an ethimologically such a close endeavor.

    G’luck Crete fellows. You know where this confusion is coming from.

  2. Hilla,
    Sad to come across on comments like yours….
    Wonder why the world carries so much misfortune , but then again we know , that is because of people like yourself ( Hilla)
    Your unhappiness is solely based in your personality , now how do I know you are an unhappy being ? and also a failure ?
    You work it out.


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