Scandals in the Greek Church Go Public


There are serious concerns within the church after a sudden outburst of scandalous reports started circulating in the press and on the internet. Scandals involving priests.

The first incident to go public, included photographs of a priest who appears to be posing in a wedding dress and a fur. It was also revealed that an Archimandrite was searching for sexual partners on the internet, and showed himself completely naked in front of the camera.

A few days ago a further scandal broke, this time involving a military chaplain and his mistress. However, the most serious incident was the publication of a picture showing a metropolitan bishop of the Greek Church in the midst of a lewd act with another man.

According to the newspaper “Acropolis”, which was responsible for publishing the picture, the bishop himself had apparently contacted the reporter, warning him that he would kill himself if his name was made public. Furthermore, the bishop confirmed the authenticity of the image and admitted that it was part of an attempted extortion.

These first cases have already caused significant damage, and sources reveal that a direct response by the justice of the Church is to be expected.

The Church has not commented on the issue until today. They said that the focus is now on the meeting of the Holy Synod next week, where officials of the Orthodox church will be discussing how best to handle these cases.


  1. All clergy in the Orthodox and Catholic churches at all levels including the Patriarchs and the Pope should only be married people men and women. Homosexuals should not be allowed to become priests. Among them there will be always those whose mind is always on sex and scandals.

    The best example of Christian church where all clergy are married people (men and women) is the church of England. This is the way to avoid these kind of scandals which for years disgrace the church. God has given us minds and souls to thing and understand and act wisely.

    The monasteries with the land around them are buildings of historical interest but also of very special landscape value of soul healing serenity. All these should be part of our protected National heritage and should be managed professionally as such in the way the British National Trust (NT) properties are managed where NT membership fees and entrance fees charged to visitors of the properties pay for the upkeep of the properties. This is the best example of caring with pride for the National heritage.

    Better choice and stricter selection criteria to apply to everyone who wants to become a priest (men and women). Keep out all those whose mind is always only on sex and nothing else, day and night. Monks, priests, bishops , the lot of them who as unmarried men only dream of sex, because it is FORBIDEN. Day and night they dream of nothing else but sex.

    Archbishop Hieronymus is in a goo position to propose / introduce and implement these changes in the interest of both the Church and our Nation. No more scandals. If we introduce these changes, the Catholic Church will follow and will make the long overdue change of having only MARRIED priests, bishops, cardinals and Pope (men and women)

    Time to move forward without the scandals of abuse of children by the unmarried catholic priests and others higher up, which have DESTROYED the lives of innocent children and the reputation of the church. No to church boarding schools where always there is child abuse. The notorious scandal where the Director of the school was the leader of pupil abuse (the Ecclesiastical School of Corinth in the 1950’s) is not the only such case. They destroyed the lives of many innocent young children whose parents were thinking that they were safe in an Ecclesiastical school. They are not safe in such boarding schools.

  2. Speak about your orthodox priests you Persian equivalent.
    Leave my catholic priests alone.

    My catholic priests know how to pray to Christ and do not bless tanks, armies or soldiers who kill Christians, women and children.

    Your orthodox church on the other hand had a Patriarch that was a pacha and was Turkish blessed.
    A Greek doesn’t worship Christ because of the love for the sacred, he worships Christ from the hatred in his heart for his neighbors.

  3. Ehhh – the Patriarch’s deeds.
    When the Patriarchs were so tirelesly working on piecing together the modern Greek nation, (they stole peoples from Turkey , Bulgaria, Albania and Slavs) they forgot about a small piece – THE GREEKS!
    Hence no connection between ancient and modern Greeks.

  4. The anglican church ordain and celebrates the behavior pointed out in this article, so please ! Any organisation of that size has some bad apples. The leftist medias are just glad to publicize any of such behavior to hurt the church. Most perverts are married men and not in the church.

  5. I am NOT surprised. I AM, in fact, surprised how these scandals didn’t come out sooner. Judging from the overall Greek character, more horrific scandals are to be expected.

  6. What ….Catholic Priests you are kidding me aren’t you
    You obviously don’t read much, how many court cases world wide at the moment involving Priests and Children.
    Any religion that expects celibacy is a recipe for trouble .
    Religion is the cause of most of the worlds problems.

  7. This comment can be classified under the label “rubbish.” And it is certainly not from an Athenian.

  8. This post is certainly not from a “devoted Catholic.” Catholic priests blessed the Allied armies and their weapons before the 1945 D-Day invasion. The Catholic Church recognises a “just war.”

    As for your assertion that the Patriarch was blessed by the Ottoman Muslim Turks, the reason for that was because the Latin Crusader invasions, especially the ransacking of Constantinople by Latin Christian Crusaders in the 1200s, weakened the Byzantine Empire and allowed the Ottomans to take Constantinople in 1453.
    No wonder Orthodox believers concluded that it would be better to be ruled by the Ottoman Turks than by the Pope.

    Having said that, the late Pope John Paul II recognised the mistakes of previous Catholic leaders and the current Catholic hierarchy is well aware of its sins.

    Finally, to say that a Greek worships Christ because of a hatred for his neighbours is not true; under the Ottoman occupation, many Greeks converted to Islam but equally many stayed loyal to Christ not because of hatred but because of love of their religion and heritage.