Bishop Seraphim: Cohabitation Agreement an Insult to God

seraphimBishop Seraphim of Piraeus sent a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, asking him not to include same-sex couples in the cohabitation agreement. The Bishop marked that it would be an insult against God.

Among others, the Bishop noted that he felt a profound indignation when he learned that PASOK had put down an amendment to the anti-racism law concerning the recognition of cohabitation of homosexual couples. He added that if that law is applied, Venizelos and the members of the government will deprive themselves the grace and the blessing of God, which nowadays is more necessary than ever. Seraphim also invoked the grandfather of the Deputy Prime Minister who was a priest. His letter ended with: “I want to believe that the above are not considered as an expression of intolerance but as a humble reminder of responsibility and duty.”

In another part of his letter, Bishop Seraphim, claims that the Greek Church believes that “homosexuality is a disgusting and unclean sin.”

Last week, Bishop Seraphim had announced that he will excommunicate the MPs that will vote for the amendment to include same-sex couples in the cohabitation agreement.


  1. “i want to believe that the above are not considered as an expression of intolerance but as a humble reminder of responsibility and duty.”

    Seraphim is the type of priest that in the middle ages uses to attack mentally retarded people as witches. We shouldn’t lump every priest as being like him but if we all think like Seraphim does we will end up like the Taliban. His views on homosexuality are anti-hellenic (ancient Hellenes didn’t endorse it but tolerated it).

    Seraphim simply doesn’t get homosexuals didn’t chose to be that way. Their sexual urges are driven by their biology. He’s moralizing to someone with missing legs. Telling them they are disgusting and should be able to walk is not the tolerance and love he claims to support.

  2. There is nothing wrong reinforcing church doctrine. Some rightfully will disagree and attempt political reforms but religion is about a way of life. It’s about beliefs that sustained many through hard times and was the sanctuary of our culture. Thankfully unlike other religions no one will be executed for questioning his message or authority.

  3. Hey retard, it’s the anti-racist bill that will witch hunt people for their “thoughts”, Seraphim has no such power.
    Enjoy your democracy where people are sent to jail for having the politically incorrect thoughts.

  4. Someone whose handle is “anti-zion” calling others retard and lecturing on ethics? The word “principles’ mean anything to you?

    Well tough guy, I would support hate crimes laws related to violence. if you act out you go to jail for a long long time.

    I do not support hate speech laws though. GD can show how full of hate they are by referencing blacks as “sub-human”. Or make fools of themselves by ridiculously denying the holocaust. Show how they are insecure closet homosexuals by fearing some impending mass conversion to homosexuality. There is no law against ignorance. Your free speech has to be protected not because you have anything of value to say but because of those that do.

  5. Seraphim’s abusing his position by threatening to excommunicate those that disagree with him not only harms himself, the Greek orthodox religion but even our country. His rhetoric sounds like something that came out of the mouth of the Taliban. Instead of lecturing on tolerance he should be showing it.

  6. You make a good counterpoint. Seraphim isn’t calling fir executions. In many (most?) Muslim countries homosexuality results in either corporal punishment or even execution (if the mob doesn’t kill them first) However, if we wish to be ethical we should not only judge our behavior relative to how bad someone else is. We should judge by what is right .

    No one is saying Seraphim is obligated to be a homosexual himself. All that the law is going to stipulate (eventually) is that consenting adults who happen to be gay should have equal rights with Seraphim and everyone else. I fail to see the problem with that.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not the PC type that says everything is ok. Putting aside that fudge packing is unsanitary it’s also unnatural. Our species would not exist if were all homosexuals. However homosexuals didn’t ask to be homosexuals and we don’t understand biology enough to cure it. We have to have compassion.

    Simply trying to moralize gay people into having different sexual impulses is irrational. It’s like trying to talk a heterosexual male into being homosexual. It doesn’t work. All it does is drive them into the closet to appease chauvinists. Gay people need love too. Its cruel and inhumane to stop someone from loving whomever they wish (probably the reasons why ancient greeks were tolerant to homosexuality)

  7. I bet you anything you like this Taliban is a homo himself just like most of his fellow Golden Dawn members. Homos who are disgusted with themselves and who project that disgust into hate speak against gays.

    This guy should join Al-Qaeda, he doesn’t represent a modern European nation.

  8. This deluded priest says that “the grace and the blessing of God” is “nowadays is more necessary than ever”.

    Wrong, deluded priest! Go see a mental health practitioner – for both your belief in spirits, devils, and angels, AND for your distressing homophobia.

    This man seems to think we’re all still living in medieval times.