Greece Places Last in World Giving Index

philanthropyGreece placed last in the fourth annual publication of the World Giving Index.

The index records the donations to charities and aid organizations, volunteering time and offering to help strangers in 135 countries. Greece ranked 135th with just 13 points out of a maximum score of 100.

In the individual categories, Greece was in 126th place as far as helping strangers is concerned, 130th place for donations to charities and aid organizations and 131st place in volunteering time category.

Through the course of a month 30% of the Greeks that were asked, stated that they help strangers, 6% that they give money to charity and only 4% said that they are involved with volunteer work.

The most willing to help were the Americans, followed by residents of Canada, Burma, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Americans were first in the category concerning helping strangers, followed by residents of Qatar. The British along with the Burmese proportionally give the most money to relief organizations, while the first place in the volunteering category went to Turkmenistan.

The index is compiled annually by the British organization “Charity Aid Foundation.” The ranking is based on more than half a million interviews given to the Gallup polling company from 2005 onwards.

Overall, despite the slowdown in global economic growth, the research showed that the level of participation in all three forms of assistance has increased compared to 2012.


  1. One reason why Greeks don’t give anymore is because, many Greeks feel their very ethnic existence is under threat.

    What especially ironic about the fact is that about 40% of the Greek population are leftist extremists that constantly lecture everyone else to give money… then are stingy with their own wallets.

  2. The World Giving Index is pure hype in this instance. Against what criteria do Greeks measure up against the world by income, population, donations? It is nebulous and unscientific if not disingenuous. Greeks give to one another based upon wants, needs and means. While it may not appear in someone’s data criteria to create this index of monies flowing into fund, Greeks humbly give what they can directly to those in need without being identified and glorified in the media in some so-called index.

  3. After seven were arrested earlier this week for smuggling 60 Romanians to farm mushrooms, Greece’s rating on the “SLAVE INDEX” hit new highs.

  4. Of course everything you say is true.. but this is Greek Reporter. Virtually every story is designed to push a leftist agenda.

    1, support illegal immigraiton

    2. attacks any racist greeks but then fail to show moral consistency by also criticizing foreigners that are racist towards Greeks (e.g. the mountains of bigots that pretend not to notice the Skopians)

    3. complain how government is bloated and corrupt then whine how the government isn’t doing enough to save them then
    4. Call attacks by GD extremism… the go on frame most violence by leftists as “protest”
    A more accurate name for this website Is Leftist Reporter not Greek Reporter. The staff have no interest in protecting Hellenism. They have little conceptualization of Hellenism. Much like the Skopians substitute Bulgarian for “Macedonian”, GR staff just substitute their leftwing politics for Hellenism. Their loyalties are ultimately to their leftist ideology not Hellenism.

  5. Incidentally… this realization about treasonous leftist “Greeks” is why Golden Dawn arose. Unlike the leftists (who live in a fantasyland where everyone loves Greeks) they realize that many many people are literally trying to ethnically delete Greeks (which is what FYROM represents). That said, Golden Dawn’s tactics to protect Greece are idiotic.

  6. Left or even Right they have no conscious to cheat workers out of meager day’s pay. No doubt Godless types.

  7. This is entirely the discretion of GR and they have every right to publish the news/opinions with their views. We can agree or disagree and should at the very least be thankful for the opportunity to comment and pose our opinions here and dialogue however heated with those that disagree whether they are Greeks or anyone including Skopians who might dare to enter the fray. If we were all in agreement this would be a very boring forum. As to pigeonholing groups and who are Hellenists, it’s best to sort it on an individual basis. I do not want to appear to be in disagreement, but this is how it is. Hold the high moral ground and let them try and take it from you.


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