Greek Minister of Education Meeting with No Results


The lengthy meeting of the Minister of Education Mr. Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos with the members of the Conference of Rectors, ended with no result in particular, and no solution to the problem.

The main topic under discussion was the decision of Mr. Arvanitopoulos, to send the chancellor of the National Kapodistrian University, Mr. Theodosis Pelegrinis, to the Supreme Disciplinary Board.

Sources revealed that the chancellors asked the minister to revoke his decision, but didn’t receive a specific response. The chancellors left the Ministry after 3 hours, in order to meet at the Harokopio University.


  1. The reason for striking is because they will lose their huge benefits same as Doctors, Public servants and Parliament workers…These people who work in the Public Domain are the responsible for the country’s bankruptcy together with our corrupt politicians from all parties…

  2. Pelegrinis has little at stake and fancies himself as some 1960’s militant. He intends to drag everyone selfishly down until he is removed from office and retires with a nice pension. Prosecutors should investigate if he has broken the law and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. If you notice… six of the articles today are about how the government has failed in some way. This extreme focus on the government to help them is why our economy cannot grow. If the leftists that run this website where remotely rational they’d realize most of the articles should be skewed to discussing and promoting private sector economic activity (and defense of Greece by foreign threats rather than just obsessively attacking Greeks)
    Leftist have learned absolutely nothing from our massive government debt. They are still shamelessly sticking out their hands waiting for someone else but themselves to fix things

  4. If this government is sincere about reforms then this is a last gasp desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. Both sides are staring down each other. Whomever blinks first will tell all if there will be badly needed reforms or a new government lead by SYRIZA.