Kedikoglou: Foreclosures Won’t Affect the Poor

primaryresidentceauctionsThe ongoing battle of foreclosures has not only caused reactions on a social level but also among the parliamentary groups of the coalition government. The government is preparing a compromise plan with the Troika, stressing that it will not proceed to a full release.

“Our goal is to reach an agreement with the Troika, however the government will protect the weak, poor and middle households,” said Simos Kedikoglou during his interview with a government representative on a Greek TV channel.

He also pointed out that the coalition government will not allow a change that will affect the weak but at the same time it will not protect the tax evaders.

During his interview, he also stressed that the coalition government should take appropriate measures in order to gradually scale back the number of “red loans.”


  1. Yes foreclose only the rich because they can afford it. Does any of this make sense? The real estate market is already flooded with distressed properties what’s a few thousand more going to do to an already depressed market. Red loans mean nothing if there are no buyers.