Tsipras at American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

tsipras_The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce organized the 24th annual conference “The Greek Economy: State Reform — The Cornerstone for Investment and Development.” The opposition leader Alexis Tsipras was among the central speakers.

After SYRIZA took second place at last year’s double elections, Mr. Tsipras has made conscious efforts to approach the business world by arranging a series of trips to the USA and meeting with various institutional players. Today’s speech was essentially a follow-up to his recent appearance at a conference in Austin, Texas in November, where he categorically stated that Greece will not exit the Eurozone.

Mr. Tsipras’ efforts in approaching the business world are noticeable, as the business cycles associated with the American-Hellenic Chamber express their approval, considering SYRIZA a reliable party.

In his speech, he stressed that his party was in favor of supporting Greek enterprises and encouraged investments in innovation, while respecting labor, tax and environmental legislation.


  1. Tsipiras the lifelong communist running a party made up of communist parties… the same guy that rants against capitalism and wildly supports illegal migrants…. and hellenic chamber of commerce… in the same sentence? Funny.

    With “Greeks” like Tsipras being treated as “moderates” we wonder why greece is a mess of economic inefficiency. government bloat, and flooded with illegals.

  2. Inviting Chimpras to an investment confrence is like inviting a pedophile to a kindergarden party. No matter how many masks he wants to hide under, the man is a communist and all the scorched earth tax-borrow-spend garbage that ideology entails.

    Investing in Greece is already borderline , with him and his trash in power, it would be easier to pile money and burn it rather then invest it in Greece.

  3. In a speech at an American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce conference in Athens on Tuesday, Tsipras tried to provide more details about how his party would govern if it came to power. He said he was confident this would happen next year as the coalition parties would suffer a heavy defeat in May’s European Parliament elections, precipitating national polls.


    Whilst it remains to be seen whether SYRIZA will ever govern Greece, Tsipras is at least right about one thing – the governing coalition WILL suffer a heavy defeat at next years EU parliamentary elections.

  4. Comrade Tsipras as a typical Left Winger hates America’s guts ,yet loves American money,hypocrate.