942 Illegal Immigrants Deported

illegal immigrnats

The Hellenic Police announced that in November 2013, 942 foreigners returned to their countries of origin.

Out of these people, 322 were returned to their countries with the help of the Hellenic Police Aliens Directorate of Attica.

Most of the illegal immigrants were deported to Albania, China, Pakistan, Algeria, Romania, Nigeria, Georgia and Iraq.

Return decisions for illegal entry of stay in Greece, were issued to those deported. Their return home was facilitated through flights departing from the airport Eleytherios Venizelos.

Ninety-four Albanian citizens returned home with the help of the Department of Transfer of Prisoners, Attica.

According to Police, 32,967 foreigners have returned to their countries of origin since August 2012 .


  1. Much more needs to be done.

    – deporting illegals in much higher frequency. If one is using a bucket to prevent the ship from sinking, they better be pumping out the water faster then its getting in.

    – permanently eject any foreign national or even diaspora Greek that attempts to assist in illegal immigration. This would including any foreign funded ngo activist that assists in illegal immigration. They are not above the law just because they put “human rights’ in their organization names.

    – seize assets and criminally charge anyone that hires an illegal to do work in Greece

    – fine anyone that buys something from an illegal.

    We should physically attack illegals, but if we destroy their ability to survive in Greece, and make them feel unwelcome, not only will illegals leave but illegals thinking of coming to Greece will seek softer targets. (which we can then lecture as racist oppressors and nazis when they wake up to the nasty reality of mass illegal immigration into their own homeland)

  2. Pardon that should say “We shouldN’T physically attack illegals”. Just a typo not an endorsement of GD hooliganism.

  3. Deport them all, not only 942… and make them do some forced labor to pay for their ticket back !

  4. How do Chinese people immigrant illegally across the world when everyone else could barely make it across the Aegean? Even the United States gets Chinese immigrants crossing the border despite them being the entire Pacific Ocean away.

  5. The “human rights” groups would freak out. They prefer to create a market for human traffickers and Nazis by going soft on illegal migration.

  6. Wow! You got a downvote because you explained a typo and do not advocate physically attacking immigrants!

  7. Let them freak out…Human right organization has nothing to do with any country’s internal affairs…It’s up to the law of the country and it’s constitution…China does not accept any illegals so why should we…

  8. All these deportations is playing havoc on Greece’s SLAV INDEX. Anyway most have left forwarding addresses for mail as they most certainly will be back or at least try to.

  9. “China does not accept any illegals so why should we.”

    Lots of countries reject illegals. Our chief problem isn’t idiotic foreign NGOs. Its the mountains of mostly idiotic leftist Greeks that hurt their own country by listening to them. r extreme of inhumane treatement of them.

    Any Greek (of whatever political affiliation) that isn’t opposed to mass illegal immigration are a treasonous national security threat. Full stop. They have confused Greece for places like the US. Unless we want to end up like the native indians we have to take measures to protect our country.

  10. For the record, I actually don’t mind some moderate immigrants (as long as they can contribute, are Hellenic friendly and are not a colonial beach head for another state) . I even have compassion for illegals setting up *temporary* residence when fleeing conflicts in their own countries.

    Where I lose patience are those that attempt to frame voluntary hospitality as their right or that try to turn illegals into “victims” unless we give them citizenship (like the disrespectful unelected NGOs do). Granting citizenship to a foreign national is a gift. Not a right. Every country gets to decide who they want to let in and who they don’t.

  11. Perhaps the Jews taught them how to swim when the Germans were rounding them up and they had no where else to go but the sea?


  13. I agree as a Greek American- deport them home – if not this will turn into a tidal wave. I cannot blame them for trying to come to Europe or America, but as Michael Savage would say the Greeks have the right to protect their borders, language and culture from this invasion of illegal immigrants

  14. They are entering Greece illegally and as a sovereign nation the Greeks have a right to defend their borders- it has nothing to do with race so please stop the phony name calling. Why should they allow these hoards to enter their nation. I am half Greek and I stand for my people to protect their culture and way of life. I do not know if you are a Muslim or a Communist but I am sure you support you own agenda. Most of these regugees are Muslim and looking at Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan I fear for the Phlight of the Native Christians and Jews in Greece. (see jihadwatch)

  15. that remark is uncalled for and has nothing to do with this. i support Isreal and the Jews

  16. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT -muslims invaded our nation, turned the akropolis into a mosque and forced conversion on us, many resisted, many died so that we could be a free orthodox christian nation. NEVER AGAIN!


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