Greek Educational System in Crisis

private schoolsAccording to a survey of the Program for International Assesment (PISA) on behalf of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Developement (OECD), Greece is below average compared to other member countries of the Organisation, in terms of efficiency in the educational system.

The new data shows that Greece has fallen to number 42 from 25, in 2009

Since 2000, every three years, OECD assesses the level of 15 year-old students in three areas: Mathematics, Reading-Comprehension and Sciences. PISA can compare the progress over the years by focusing on one area in each year of assessment.

The survey that was published today was held in 2012 and it focused on mathematics like in 2003.

With an average of 500 units, Greece collected 453 units in mathematics, 477 in reading-comprehension, and 467 in sciences.

The most interesting discovery in the 2012 survey, was that Asian countries have far surpassed Western countries.

Shanghai (China) won first place, surpassing the record of 600 units and reaching 613 units in mathematics, 570 in reading-comprehension and 580 in sciences. Next comes Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei and Korea that fell to 5th place from first place, in 2009.

Finland which came second in 2009, dropped to 12th place. France dropped to 25th place from the 19th place, in 2009.


  1. Asian tiger economies have emphasized education specifically the sciences and math for a long time. Students put in long days often ending at 2AM and starting again at 6AM. Look at every major university in the world there are gifted Asian students who’s education is paid for by their government. In this world economy how is Greece going to compete with dropping test scores, universities on strike and school guards rioting? Answer it’s not until we re-focus on education and offer career opportunities at home, instead of forced emigration to the UK or Germany.

  2. I’m against corruption as I believe in personal accountability. I also like to help people.
    This is why I spend everyday on Greek Reporter whining how the government isn’t doing enough to help me. Everyone else is responsible for giving me money for doing nothing. It’s hard work demanding handouts.