Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia at a Stalemate

merchant marine academyThe Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia, Greece, has reached an operational stalemate. The facilities that are right now accommodating about a thousand students and who will in the future become bridge machinery officers in the merchant marine, are showing static problems that haven’t been repaired for years. The laboratories filled with expensive equipment are abandoned and the classrooms are cold. As a result, the courses take place in the kitchen or the former warehouses.

It should be noted that the almost one thousand students have not yet received their student IDs, while the number of permanent teachers has dramatically declined, causing more than 85% of course hours to be taught by the temporary teaching staff.

“We demand the immediate intervention of the administration and the scientific and professional bodies working in the field of merchant shipping, in order to directly address the operational problem, to avoid adverse developments and find stable and sustainable solutions,” said the Merchant Marine Academy of Macedonia representative.


  1. One of the few industries that Greece excels and this happens? You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. time for the Greek shipowners to show some civic duty and chip in. It will benefit them anyway..

  3. Our problem is too many Greeks keep demanding that other Greeks give rather than asking what we ourselves are giving. Thinking like this leads to a finger pointing game where everyone is demanding money from everyone else (especially from the government) rather than demanding from ourselves to give.

    Altruism be definition is voluntary. It has to be act of love and compassion, not about mobs of rioting lunatics who blame all their economic problems on someone else. We should be encouraging a climate of innovation and self-dependence by rewarding our businesses not encouraging a mentally of further state dependence. (which is what got us into this debt mess).


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