The Reconstruction of Acropolis in a 3D Video

Acropolis in a 3D Video1Whiskytree, the 3D graphics company that has participated in many hollywood movies like “The Hunger Games,” and “Captain America: The First Avenger,” presented the reconstruction of Acropolis in a 2 and a half-minute 3D video.

The Whiskytree group in collaboration with VFX company (the brains behind the impressive visual effects of the movie “Elysium,”) presented the video in the 40th SIGGRAPH Conference on Emerging Technologies. The two companies used a total of 1.62 billion “visible triangles” in order to achieve the final aesthetic result.

The video that was released online a few days ago, has received positive comments from dozens of users who claim that the project is astonishing.

One of the creators has reported that they initially intended to complete the project in six weeks but it only took them five. He stated that fourteen people were working day and night during the first three weeks.



  1. That’s all us Modern Greeks are good at, reconstructing and rebuilding things….by computerised imaging and fantasies!!
    Give us a job that is involved hands on then we are dumbfounded. This is why the Akropolis today and ancient surrounds look like a bunch of boulders scattered around.

  2. A nice presentation and hopefully more to come. The producers of the video should show the approximate time period the Acropolis is being presented as it constantly was being changed and added upon. A virtual walk through the Acropolis during the Golden Age of Athens should be considered.

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