Alexis Georgoulis’ New Play “Since the First Time”

Georgoulis-kouli1Renowned Greek actor, writer, and director Alexis Georgoulis, is directing and starring in the new romantic comedy “Since the First Time,” at the theatre “Roes” in Athens, Greece.

The play is about two people, Philipos Petropoulos (Alexis Georgoulis) and Nadia Gerasimidou (Annita Kouli), who on stage,  fall head over heels in love.

“The Two characters are conceited people, a wannabe model, Nadia and a musical prose writer, Philipos. Nadia essentially takes over Philipos’ home and the conflicts begin. The conflict sparks a romance and love brings out the truth. The two protagonists are forced to take off their “masks” and see each other’s “real face.” Their Love blossoms through honesty and through the comic frictions between the two characters,” says the director and lead of the play, Alexis Georgoulis.Georgoulis-kouli2

Judging by the audience’s acceptance of the play, this is the fourth successful directorial attempt for the Greek actor, Alexis Georgoulis but it is the first time he simultaneously acts and directs.

The relationship between the two people doesn’t start in the most typical of ways. The story takes place in Thessaloniki, with Philipos Petropoulos or “sweet-pea” (as Nadia calls him) recognizing some of his mistakes and finally admitting to his love, while almost attempting suicide. Don’t worry, he doesn’t die at the end of the play, but……what will happen? Do the two of them finally live out a Shakespearean romance? How is the combination these two seemingly different worlds handled?

Finally, in the words of the leading actor and director “At some point in the play there is an explosion of feelings that eventually leads to love.” Just like every successful romantic comedy, the play piques the audience’s interest, making them want more and more.


Author : Ioannis Chalantonis
Director : Alexis Georgoulis
Performers: Alexis Georgoulis – Annita Kouli