Asphyxiating Atmosphere in Athens Due to Fireplace Use

Athens SmogSmog has turned into a nightmare for the citizens of Athens, Greece after more smog accumulated again this past Thursday, when many people were attempting to heat their homes using their fireplaces. The increased moisture and the fact that the strong winds that had been blowing the previous days have ceased, were two of the main reasons the pollution became visible after the uncontrolled use of fireplaces.

The habit of many Greeks, in combination with the economic distress and the high heating oil prices have forced thousands of families to burn wood in order to heat their homes.

Despite the fact that this year, orders for heating oil have increased compared to last year, they are still far less than those of 2011 and even less than 2010.

People should be reminded, that the cold nights, the apnea and the extensive burning of wood and biomass, create smog that is bad for our health.


  1. Freezing to death is also bad for your health. So which is it, the gradual asphyxiation of smog or the perpetual sleep brought on by the loss of body core temperature? The economy and the price of fuel oil are the cause, fix them and the problems will go away by themselves. Meanwhile tourists visiting Athens can experience what it was like to be in the city during the war.

  2. “The economy and the price of fuel oil are the cause, fix them ”

    If we fall into the trap of looking for the government to always “fix” things, we are just behaving like leftists. It isn’t the government’s responsibility to fix the price of fuel. That should be decided by free market (about the only allowance it is that there should be competition not monopolies)

    It is the responsibility of individuals to produce something in fair trade so they can buy their own fuel. End of story.
    Until enough Greeks understand the days of the government running to their rescue are over, and take control of their own lives rather than waiting around for someone else… our country will go nowhere.
    No amount of money redistribution can save a country it the vast majority of people aren’t producing goods and services in a productive fashion. The most that can be achieved is equal poverty.

  3. I would agree however the economy is being squeezed between taxes, fees, charges, etc., and the ability to transact business effectively. Government has raised the bar and the cost of doing business. They have applied obstacles, impediments and delays. Remove these as a means to stimulate the economy and tax revenue will increase organically. Maintaining the status quo clearly is not working. If a profit can be made rest assured the entrepreneurial will of the Greek people shall again produce goods and services. Remove the incentives to start and build a business and you have Greece today.

  4. You make good points but I’m not saying our government can’t help ease trade. All I’m saying is even in today’s difficult economic climate I think a Greek committed to working hard and smart can excel and secede.

    If we keeping pointing fingers at our moderate coalition government, it no only give the communist that runs Syriza the next election (making things far worse by taking us back in the direction that got us into this debt mess), but it encourages the ‘victimhood” mentality (rather than an entrepreneurship view and self dependence)

  5. Agreed victimization has been pushed to its limits. The obvious is apparent and the question is when if ever the whirlwind of the Greek entrepreneur is released. I do not think it can be held back, but it can find a new home in another country. So while the embers are still hot there needs to be a focused effort towards rebuilding the economy, and that is why I am so critical of this and previous governments.


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