Kidney for Sale – a Fathers Desperate Plea

man-kidneyA 49 year-old father from Pyrgos, Greece decided to put his kidney up for sale in order to provide for his 8 year-old daughter.

The desperate father put an advertisement in a local newspaper saying, “I’m selling my kidney. I made this decision because I am unemployed and homeless. I do not care whether I live or die. All I want, is to leave something to my 8-year-old daughter… ”

According to the local news, the man lost his job a year ago and is unable repay his debts to the Greek state and the bank. The 49 year-old man has also lost his house and now has no choice but to live in his car.

The man has requested the support of the church while he is constantly on the look out for a job. The only person who has offered him help is his cousin, as his friends and relatives have abandoned him.

Poverty and desperation have led many people to make similar decisions. A man from Heraklion, Crete, recently volunteered to sell his kidney as he couldn’t afford to raise his child.  He wrote the following note on the bulletin board of the General Hospital in Heraklion. “I don’t just want to sell my kidney; I would sell my own head if it meant that my children would survive.”