Lagarde List: Penalties Exceed 50 Million Euros

Lagarde List LeakedThe Financial and Economic Crime Unit (S.D.O.E), after completing the first 150 audits of taxpayers who are included in the Lagarde list, has imposed penalty charges that exceed 50 million euros.

The newspaper “TA NEA,” invoking S.D.O.E sources claims that almost every Greek citizen is hiding money from the tax authorities.

S.D.O.E  has imposed penalties at a rate of 45% in the difference between the declared income and the capital sent abroad.

At the same time, the audits of the Financial Crime throughout Greece apart from many cases of tax evasion, also revealed cases of bribery among  low-ranking officials of the Defence Ministry, for military equipment, cases of usury, and illegal trafficking of  fuels that are dangerous for the public health.