Troika Delay Return to Greece to January

troika bank dismissalsThe European Commission confirmed late on Saturday that there will be no conclusion of the latest troika review of the Greek adjustment program this month.
Senior auditors from the so-called creditor troika — the EU, IMF and European Central Bank — had been expected to return to Athens on Monday to resume an evaluation of pledged Greek reforms.
Simon O’Connor, a spokesman for EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said full negotiating teams would not return to Athens until January “after the authorities have made further progress in implementation” of reforms demanded by Greece’s creditors.
“We expect a full negotiating team to return to Athens in January, after the authorities have made further progress in implementation, with the objective of reaching a staff level agreement.” he said.
Discussions are reportedly stumbling on the issue of a new property tax, debtor property auctions, layoffs in the state sector and the slow pace of privatization.


  1. Until we reach the point where our spending (before servicing debt) is less than what we collect in taxes, it would be illogical for the troika to reduce debt principle. Without a primary surplus, it’s like asking foreign creditors to perpetually fund us.

    The populists that claim otherwise with cheap anti-austerity talk of “eparhoun lefta” are irresponsible and incompetent. Even if we straight defaulted government cuts would still result. We can’t spend more money than we generate in income.

    Those that continue to depend on out government to save our economy are what is burdening it. If our economy is to be saved, it will not be due to a few politicians and people sucking back government money for doing nothing. It will because millions of individual Greeks took matters into their own hands and produced goods and services in demand on global marketplace.

  2. No next tranche ,great.It was about time we stopped pissing our hard earned tax money down this corrupt socialistic pit.

  3. Charging 7 to 9 /$14/ euros for mojito does not contribute for competitive tourism/economy either.

  4. Hard earned tax money? Don’t make us laugh. Given how much time you spend harassing Greeks online you you probably live with your parents and don’t have a job.

    You keep saying “we” but are such a coward you never tell anyone where your ethnic roots are from. Are you scared everyone will find out your real motives for being here? Eath to your pea brain, anyone with half a brain here already knows your motives are extreme nationalism. Racist cockroach.

  5. TediNazi: Your nemesis TeniUSA probably uses the term “we” because, though he may not be a direct descendant of Pericles as you are, he might just live and work in this country (as many foreign nationalists do–providing valualbe services) and pay (piss away) taxes they are also obligated to pay. As in any country one permanently resides in.

    The difference with paying taxes here from most other nations is that there is not a Greek or foreigner who would not agree with his assessment of where the tax money goes (“pissed away” and often into pockets). Social services? Where? Heating oil for the children in schools? Sheets on the beds in state hospitals? Public restrooms in the parks? Usable sidewalks for the public? Do you honestly think you will ever see a retirement in this country topping 350 Euros no matter how much you earned over a lifetime of work?

    As mush as you and many citizens of this country revile TediUSA, he is the harsh voice of reality sometimes when you wash away all the jingoism and chauvinism of Greeks still believing what they get here is acceptable.

  6. The very fact you would defend TediUSA, who is clearly racist towards Greeks, only suggest you are either an an ignoramus or antigreek yourself.

    T that you attack the identity of Greeks, only further suggest this. Sorry if you have some sort of intolerance problem with ethnic Greeks but we have right to resist those that are racist towards us or attempting to ethnically delete us.

  7. Greeks have lived in Anatolia
    for millennia, especially along the Aegean coast. For a while, under
    Alexander, they dominated the land. And for all intents and purposes, the
    Byzantine Empire was Greek.[.] The first Ottoman census, of 1477, counted
    half of Constantinople’s population as Greek, and four-hundred years
    later, even after the Greek War of Independence, it was still 21 percent
    Greek. – David Lowenthal, “The heritage
    crusade and the spoils of history. (1998)

  8. Given you defend a bigoted idiot like TediUSA, you apparently don’t know the different between hate speech and occasion criticism singling out some partitular Greek .

    I do not object to criticism. What I object to is demagoguery. You know negative stereotypes of Greeks all being “criminals”. Or Greeks being “Egyption Gypsies”. Or Greeks all being (insert negative comment here) that Tedi resorts to on daily basis. TediUSA is obviously an extreme nationalist from the region who is only here to demonize Greeks. Anyone that would defend him — rather than condemn him — is equally a prejudiced idiot or has not idea what they are talking about.

  9. Ethnically delete you? Only a defeatist like yourself would think in such negative terms. Grow up Ted-“NAZI” and learn to take criticism like everyone else. Are Greeks who complain about the dire conditions in this country “anti-Greek” because they don’t like the way things smell here right now either?

    And stop using the word–“racism” when you cry about being chastised for presently existing in a failing country. You of all people (with a name like “TediNazi”) should know what the term really means historically. Being critical–even self-critical is not racist, my close-minded and overly sensitive friend.

    It seems the only people who are trying to delete anyone are Greeks themselves who can not overcome the hypocrisy with which you speak. Wanting a better Greece and knowing people can do better to get it does not make anyone “racist.” You apparently never heard the term mea culpa.

  10. No. You grow up.

    You have the audacity to claim you have ethics when you defend hellenophile TediUSA? This monster demonizes Greeks every single day with negative stereotypes. That sort of behavior is not “criticism”. You are so patronizing you don’t even realize TediUSA rails against all the socialist spending you just argued for.

    And yes, you (and people like you) do appear to be trying to ethnically delete the Greek people. Many pretend not to notice former Yugoslavians turning into ancient Macedonians. Many are attempting to delete our very identity as Greeks (which your pot shot mocking our blatantly obvious connection to ancient Greeks demonstrates)

    Do you equally ridicule Jews for having a Jewish identity related to ancient Israelites? How about modern British for considering ancient Brits their cultural patromony? Modern Chinese? Modern Germans? You sick obsession with singling out Greeks and defending extremists that demonize Greeks suggests you are a bigot.

  11. One question Tedi-N:
    Why the word “Nazi” in your name? Do you think that represents your “Greekness” in some way? Because few Greeks who went through the Nazi occupation of Greece would respect that name. Even today it is more of a buzz wrd for attention for people who like that sort of thing–but it’s just not Greek, my “Greek” friend.