Policeman, 2 Albanians Dead in Firefight in Northwest Greece

Greek_police_ded1In yet another showdown between police and undocumented migrants, a police sergeant and two Albanians were killed in a shootout near Greece’s northern border at dawn on Dec. 8.

Police said a patrol of three officers came across the Albanians while investigating an intrusion across the border and found the illegals in the hut of a shepherd who was absent.

Police said the suspects were carrying an assault rifle with which one of them shot and killed the 43-year-old sergeant Ilias Kostenis, father of a 12 year-old girl, before other officers fired back, killing the assailant and his partner as he tried to reach for his gun. They were not identified.

The shooting took place in Vrontero, Florina. Western Macedonia police are expected to give more details later in the day.


  1. “In yet another showdown between police and undocumented migrants”

    Andy references criminals trying to cross illegally into Greece with a ak-47 while shooting at police as “undocumented migrants”? Really?

    American-living-in-Athens Dablis demonstrating yet again what an extreme anti-Greek -sshole he is.

  2. Why is anyone illegally crossing the border with an assault weapon unless they are up to no good. With all those Greeks working in Tirana it must be getting tough on the locals to steal/make a living at home.

  3. Leftists and anarchists extremists set fire to Athens (using that kids death as an excuse to riot again), and not a peep of condemnation by Greek Reporter.


    Treasonous leftists like Dablis are basically brainwashed idiots that parrot anything they read in the NY Times or Guardian (why they use the same manipulate “undocumented migrants” terms they do). Whether through treason or plain stupidity our leftists effectively support mass illegal immigration into Greece.

  4. You represent the other extreme in Greece.I fail to see what patriotism has to do with nazism.

  5. I am from Australia not Greece & my opinion is my opinion-you don’t have to like it!

  6. The assault weapon is needed for protection against feral beasts. Apparently it wasn’t enough.

  7. Do you really find this ammusing? I deal with woossies like you all day long, in my job. You’re nothing more than a little persian bug, whose purpose in this life is to be cruched and squeezed.

    You don’t see me saying: “One less greek as–ole in uniform. 500 Thousand more to go.” I don ‘t say it b/c the dead are dead. It’s disrespectful to mock them. You will eventually die, how would you like to be mocked?

    You think it is great heroism that three as–oles in uniform kill two poor immigrants who are illegally fishing, while they ain’t got the balls to do anything about larger scale crimes such as: drug trafficing and human trafficing. Anyway – what ought one to expect from a bug like Ausgreek.

  8. Albanian press, in an interview of the family members of the deceased, states that the two illegal fishermen did not have any assault riffles with them. These two souls, while illegally having crossed the border, had only crossed it for fish, so they could bring bread to their families.
    The media further cites a report from the Ionina Police stating that the assult riffles together with some magazines were found in a nearby boat, not hut as it says here.
    The question is, who killed seargent Kostenis who is also an Arvanitas?
    I wonder if the two other officers that were with him, belong to some radical greek organization.
    3 lives were lost for not even 3 kilos of fish. May they all rest in peace and the terrorist hand that took these lives rot in hell.

  9. Your comment makes no sense and Albanian press is notoriously not trustworthy. Really in Albania they say that 2 illegal fishermen were killed because they wanted to provide fish for their families? REALLY?
    Like Albania has no likes, that they had to go to Greece to fish?!
    That’s obviously rubbish. Greece has had enough of Albanian thugs armed like Palestinan terrorists.

  10. Here’s the most recent on the killings that took 3 Albanian lives (2 illegal immigrants and Mr. Kostenis’).
    The two poor fishermen had broken arms and ribs, implying a physical struggle with the greek patrol. They did not have assault riffles with them as they were only fishing.
    They were first beaten, than shot dead.
    Mr. Kostenis was shot in the back, according to Albanian media.
    This casts serious doubts as to the veracity of the Greek police’s version. The two remaining officers are the suspects in the taking of the fishermen’s lives as well as that of Mr. Kostenis.