Troika Will Return to Greece – Without Techs

Troika envoys arriving at the Greek Finance MinistryAfter it was first reported that envoys from Greece’s international lenders who had broken off talks over delayed reforms and big hole in the 2014 budget wouldn’t be coming back to Athens, it’s now been said that they will, but only the top negotiators and not the technical staff who do the checking of the books to see if Greece is meeting fiscal targets.

Klaus Masuch of the European Central Bank, Matthias Mors of the European Commission and Poul Thomsen from the International Monetary Fund – the EU-IMF-ECB Troika – are expected to remain in Athens for around a week and then return with the full technical teams in January provided that Greece has made progress in meeting its bailout commitments.

Simon O’Connor, a European Commission spokesperson for economic and monetary affairs, said in a brief statement that although some Troika inspectors were due to return to Athens next week, negotiations would not have a chance of concluding until January at the earliest.

“Technical discussions are expected to continue in Athens next week,” he said. “We expect a full negotiating team to return to Athens in January, after the authorities have made further progress in implementation, with the objective of reaching a staff level agreement.”

The talks have been inconclusive and that no deal was expected next month either, disputing claims by Greek government officials that all was well and that an agreement was within reach soon.

It was reported that the Troika wants to downplay expectations in case it leaves Athens again without a deal that has been eluding the two sides for months. The Troika said there’s a gap in the 2014 budget of between 1.5-2.9 billion euros while the government insists it’s far smaller – and that there isn’t one – and that it can deal with it without resorting to more austerity measures that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras swore he would never, ever again, impose on beleaguered Greeks.

A European official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Kathimerini: “Mission chiefs return on Wednesday (Dec. 11) but with reduced teams. They should stay about a week. Full teams will then return in January. As much progress as possible will be made in December and if we can conclude on any issues, of course we will. No one wants this to go on longer than necessary. But given the amount of issues still open, a full staff level agreement in December is just not realistic.”

Discussions are reportedly stumbling on the issue of a new property tax, debtor property auctions, layoffs in the state sector, the slow pace of privatization, privatization or closing of Greek defense industries and the failure to gain much headway against tax cheats, all of which have been delayed since two bailouts of $325 billion and austerity measures began 3 1/2 years ago.


  1. “no deal was expected next month either”
    NO MONEY.The Greek bailout is efficiently over.This Troika visits are now just a formality designed not to rock the financial markets.

  2. “provided that Greece has made progress in meeting its bailout commitments”.–“property tax, debtor property auctions, layoffs in the state sector, the slow pace of privatization, privatization or closing of Greek defense industries and the failure to gain much headway against tax cheats, all of which have been delayed since two bailouts of $325 billion and austerity measures began 3 1/2 years ago”.

    Why do the idiots in troika bother about coming back. They know that, if after 3&1/2 years Greece has not lived up to what it signed, why should they now? Greece knows they will get the money anyway, so let them have it & save on the plane fares & hotel bills that EU taxpayers are funding

  3. Tedi some people have said this since this fiasco started 3&1/2 years ago but in the end they still give Greece the money. So lets see whos right on this in the near future

  4. Yeah,because the Troika of lenders believed Greece’s promises to reform its economy in return for the cash.Now that Greece had openly refused to comply with the terms of her bailouts ,the money are effectively frozen.The Troika will kiss its money Good Bye from previous loans,that is perfectly clear,but future tranches in this situation are questionable.

  5. Greece knew that they can promise anything and they had no intention to repay loans or make any reforms,except take the money and show their lenders the middle finger.And if Greece is tolerated for this outrageous behavior,good for them.I say the same,give them the money and let them spend them,why bother to even pretend that they are going to change the Status Quo? The problem is with Merkel , Lagarde and the Brussels apparatchicks,they are hard core socialists that believe in wealth -redistribution and in the welfare state utopia.They will spend any amount of taxpayers money to keep their failed EUSSR dream alive.The Greeks know that and taking full advantage,and who can blame them?The Greeks know that deal with phanatics-and fools and their money are easily parted,as you know,

  6. More drama, theater and melodrama. Who are we kidding ? Greece will receive the money to keep its pulse going in the deep coma they are in. TROIKA will NOT say NO! Mark my words. If Greece exits declares bankruptcy the entire euro currency is finished. Again, big mistake to form it. Merkel, LaGarde and all the other EU high ranking officials do not want to look like losers and failures. Who would? Rinse…..wash…..rinse…..wash…..repeat.
    Samaras Venizelos………………..CLOWNS!
    Greece will never declare to exit. The Corruption from being fed by the EU continues and none of the 300 useless politicians would never want to stop the feeding.
    You have to be really stupid IQ of 1 not to REALIZE THIS.

  7. Where is the LaGarde list of CROOKS and why haven’t they gotten after them?
    Where is the stolen 250 million euros from PASOK and ND stolen borrowed from the banks and not 1 euro paid back?
    Why is Papandreou roaming America and not prosecuted and put to jail for high treason?
    Corruption still continues as I’m typing.
    Samaras and Venizelos should be put to jail for protecting all the LAMOGIA ………………….

  8. You are absolutely correct.Greece had just spit in the Troika’s face by voting the 2014 budget without the Troika approval,yet the Troika is crawling back to beg the Greek thieves to take the money in Greek terms.All for the sake of propping up the busted euro and the failed socialistic experiment called EU.It is beyond FARCE now.Lagarde,Mekel ,Schauble ,Barroso are all idiots.They will spare no taxpayers money to keep their cushy jobs-and propping up Greece with all its corruption schemes,unreformed economy and welfare state living off easy EU money is just a small price to pay for this communists.

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  14. ‘The Greek bailout is efficiently over’.

    Are you prepared to stand by that comment Tedi the American Turd??
    We will know for sure pretty soon….& I will remind you of your comment.
    But you’re so used to being wrong that its like water off a ducks back.
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    Seriously what is wrong with you dude? You say the same crap over and over again in seeming complete disregard for reality.

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