Two More 24hr Strikes for University of Athens

strike UoA NTUAThe University of Athens, Greece administrative employees announced their decision to go on two more 24-hour strikes against the Board’s recommendation. Yesterday, the University of Athens Law School President, Mr. Fortsakis, announced the beginning of courses. However things didn’t go as planned.

The Law School building is currently under occupation by groups of students as well as the administrative employees, who have blocked the entrance of the building and denied access to teachers and students.

In regards to the University of Athens Rector, Theodoros Pelegrinis, the prosecutor has given him a deadline for next Monday. Mr. Pelegrinis, has requested and received a deadline in order to explain himself as asked in the preliminary examination conducted by the prosecutor Mr. Ioannidis, after the Greek Minister of Education’s report and the University Council announcement that held him accountable for the University’s situation.

However, the situation at the National Technical University of Athens is back to normal seeing as the administrative employees have suspended their strike mobilization. A General Meeting will be held on Thursday in order to address the implementation of the Greek Minister of Education’s commitments.


  1. Strikes in Greece? Hard to believe. Our economy is sure to fix itself with strikes and government handouts. Who needs to work.

  2. Every day strilkes.The Greeks don’t want to work but want to live off easy EU money.Amazing.

  3. Every day another example of you phrasing every Greek as being the same in some negative way. (aka BIGOTRY)

  4. Another day of no work for the Greek Troll Dean Plassaras I see. Instead he prefers to keep trolling the people who pay him the salary to do nothing and hassle people on Internet.

  5. Uhmm… you are describing yourself. All day long you come here and harass Greeks with negative stereotypes. Then you cry persecution when someone call you out your hate speech? Boo hoo. Poor you.

  6. Leftist and anarchist extremist would just break it. When police try to do their job of arresting someone for vandalism or violence during alleged “peaceful” protests… loons often use that as an excuse to start throwing rocks/firebombs and looting while claiming they are fighting “fascism” (waving their hands angrily in the air and chanting like some neanderthal tribe rather behaving like civilized human beings)

    Since GD idiotically plays up to these tinfoil hat fantasies our communists and anarchists are mostly flying under the media radar. The reality is virtually all political violence in Greece comes from either GD, communists (e.g. KKE and Syriza supporters) or anarchists (the vast majority from the latter two’s goon squads even though GD get all the attention) .

    Our government should be cracking down on *all* street thugs irregardless of political affiliation We should all be calling out anyone that uses incendiary language that encourages violence (there are even a few posters on this website)

  7. In instances such as this the best and only recourse is to follow WWJD-What Would Junta Do. Government pandering to spoiled educators and students accomplished nothing. It wasted the semester and drove many students away to seek education elsewhere. A much firmer hand is now needed. even though ND fears there will be repercussions in the polls. More likely there will be relief they finally come to their senses and went on the offensive. As for the laws concerning strikes and pay to strikers, here again the ineffectiveness of this government becomes apparent. It’s time to dial up the temperature.