Greece Responds to Erdogan’s Provocative Statements

tayyip erdoganThe statement made by Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, that Turkey’s borders reach Thessaloniki, provoked an angry reaction from the Greek government.

Responding to a reporter’s question about the Turkish Prime Minister’s statements in Kessani, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative, Konstantinos Koutras, said:

“The historical and geographical references to an area with such a strong historical significance as the Balkans should always be conducted with care. Today, the only criteria is to abide by the international law and the rules of good neighborly relations based on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all the nations in the region.
For Greece this is a fundamental, self-evident and inviolable position.”

The Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was in the city of Kessani near the Turkish border a few days before the scheduled visit of the Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, in Athens, Greece. In a nationalistic frenzy Mr. Erdogan said that Thrace is very important to Turkey.

During the municipal elections tour he said that “Thrace is also Thessaloniki, Komotini and Xanthi. It’s Kardzhali and Vardar. If we go a little further it’s Skopje and Pristina, it’s Sarajevo.”

He continued: “Thrace is the living witness of our common history with Europe. It represents our past in the region. Today, Thrace is in the center of all our Balkan relations along with Adrianople, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli and of course Instanbul.”


  1. You want to see pictures of classic Hellenes? The overwhelming majority are depicted as having wavy dark hair. Turks eyes and faces are a bit different, thicker straighter hair, slanted eyes, and different bodies and noses.

  2. Nevermind half the population in Skopje are ethnic Albanians, the other half vlach, then some Bulgar thrown in and a few other groups. They have nothing that binds them really, it’ll be a matter of time it all falls apart.

  3. “ speak the truth back then every marriage the wife had to spend her first night with Turkish soldier..” – What are you smoking dude?? I assure you that was not the case. Let me remind you the Ottoman Empire extended as far as the Austrian Gates – and going on your theory, you should all have Italian blood, since the Romans extended their reign as far as Britannia. Not to mention Alexander the Great, as far as India, last itme i saw, the common Indian is still dark in complexion??
    What ever meds your on, there not working…

  4. I cannot wait until the War begins my friend 🙂 Every Fake Macedonian Bulgarian you know will get their throat cut in half by a Greek.

    Greeks are the greatest warriors this World has ever seen and now we are getting back to our past glory, our military is rated Top 5 in world, Air-Force Top 3, Navy Top 5, Special Forces Top 5

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    We will give our brothers Serbia a piece of your North

  5. bring it on… 🙂

    We will meet at the crossroads in Selanik. If u dont ran away…

  6. Erdogan’s brains have gone mushy. Of course he is just stirring Turkish patriotic sentiment, for what it is worth? It is not worth countering this ideologue’s rhetoric with sane words as they are simply lost on his stubbornness. Erdogan faces a dim future anyway with his attempts to counter and constrict a liberal society with retrograde Islamic practices.


    i usually wouldnt reply to kids who is 13 or 14. But one thing that greek nationalism has to realize is You must KNOW YOUR ENEMY WELL before barking or acting bad behaviour against. Turkey doesnt show its power. Hundreds of military projects going underway. Nobody has to speak or tell other people about it. Unless İran that morons when they produce some weapon one day later they are show them all the world. We are not like them. I mean if you cause a war with us your goal might be reaching Konstantinopolis.
    You cant able to do that but anyway lets think that way. In case of a war (if noone invole to it and everybody stay quiet) Turkey is goal will not to only make ‘in to the dust’ the greek army. In that situation 11 million greek citizens will be in danger. Your KIND will be at stake.. So be civilized at least act like that and dont mess with us. Dont try to be bully against us. Against nobody. You are talkin about Kurts? How about the Albanians and FYROM ? :))))

  8. lolz. Nuclear weapon is not like leopard tank. Or apache helicopter or mirage 2000s. You CANT BUY any nuclear weapon from anybody like you bought rifles tanks or fighter jets. Heh. 🙂 you are funny people. Btw turkey already has nuclear weapon (excluding US nato bombs in airbase in turkey)

  9. Pakistan is a nuclear state today . (as you know) Guess in the 80s who helped them to became a nuclear power. Think a little bit.. couple of seconds or maybe minutes.. Yes you know that. Smart greeks. 🙂

  10. Im 13? you sound like a disabled 8 year old

    Firstly, Turkey will be the battleground of the Christian vs Islam War. Greece/Serbia/Russia/Armenia/Bulgaria/Kurds/Syrians/Iranians and a dozen other countries will descend on Turkey adn destroy you filth when the time comes

    Also just like Turkey has “projects”(lol) Greece has many projects also, We develop our own Battle-Tank the Leopard HELL, one of the best Battle-Tanks on Earth. We Develop our own Spy Sattelites and UAV Drones(bet you did not know that huh)

    Greek Air-Force Is rated #3 in the World, Our Main training partner is Israel because we are only ones capable of testing their Air-Force to the Max, we have 3-5 major Exercises a year in Greece. Our Pilots win many of the World competitions for jet Pilots beating USA/Israeli pilots many many times . . (Turks are garbage there)

    Our Navy has 5,000 year history, we have some of the best Subs and Ships on Earth. We control 60% of the entire Earths Shipping Fleet and have compelte domination of our Waters

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  11. While I would agree that neo-nazism isn’t hellenism technicaly speaking neither is the orthodox religion. in addition, legal immigrants are rare in Greece. The vast majority entered the country illegallly. There are also limits to the amount of valid refugees a nation can accept before considering mass illegal immigration a form of neo-collonialism (see what happened to native Indians in us)

    I would also point out the far leftists are the ones who want to continue to live off the government and OPPOSE the current government. Far leftists tend to be the traitors . (also see Greek civil war where they ended up treasonously fighting for Tito and Stalin)

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    The vast majority of ancient Greek works and references indicate ancient Greeks were usually dark haired you illiterate. Lets all olay pretend your motive for saying that comment isn’t to push your own nationalist agenda.. SKOPIAN.

  13. I am from great britian because I put “London’ in my name to make sure everyone knows I am british. I swear its true.

  14. MILLIONS of Turkish citizens don’t want to be turned into fake Islamo-fascist “Turks’ like you. They want their real identities back (especially the Kurds).

  15. I always thought that you Skopians homeland and Bulgarians were the same. After all you used to call yourselves Bulgarians “glen”.

  16. I hope he continues with such speeches so Turkey remains forever in front of a concrete wall with a big label saying EU. Instead, we should form common Balkan politics – Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Start to controll immigration and thus hit turkish smugglers and build our wall where itwas supposed to be. Funny that he mentions Istanbul, which has been a greek capital for several times longer than his terrorist religion has even existed.

  17. Honestly I think if anything young Beautiful Girls where taken and shipped of the harems and young good/strong looking boys taken and made into Janissaries. I believe that you are just grabbing at straws. I could see your point if you said that random Greeks women got raped but what you are referring to the term Primo Nocta talked about in the movie Braveheart.
    There is very little evidence that this action actually existed or was implemented at any time in history.

  18. Go Turkey! We ruled the world many times and a few times extra can’t hurt or shall I better say wont hurt! You guys are used to it to suffer you won’t feel a thing WE promise haha

  19. Well.. erdogan is right.. what ours is ours.. we owned the world many times! So whats the difference if we claim it now we gonna rule the world again anyways.. read the history theres non history like the turks ones! Theres non civilasation on earth that owned the world so many as the turks. Dont fight it what you can resist;)

  20. Kid. Please give us a source to prove that. You must find one. Greece navy top 5 ? air force top 3? You are living in a Matrix . Are your parents give you anough proteins vitamins?

  21. you are more ‘dark’ than turks.. Also there are more colored eyes and light haired people living in turkey more than greece. Retard what the f..k are you talkin about?

  22. Not trying to sound like an apologist of any ideology in Turkey, but Mr. Erdogan is an Islamist who is trying to dismantle Ataturk’s Secular government. He is more of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood then Kemalist/Secular.