Greek Doctors Extend Strike to December 19

eopyyEarlier this morning, the doctors union (EOPYY) announced that they will continue striking until December 19. The doctors are protesting against the new government plan which includes new pay cuts and layoffs.

It seems that the Ministry of Health and EOPYY doctors are unable to come to an agreement about the newly imposed changes to the public healthcare system which will result in the total reorganization of the primary healthcare units. The federation of doctors had originally planned to go on strike until December 13.


  1. Ha,just when I thought today will be the day without news for strikes in Greece,you proved me wrong.Does anyone ever work over there?

  2. Warning.

    some oppressive leftist fanatic on Greek Reporter’s staff has been deleting posts.

  3. The far leftards on Greek Reporter like to dish it out but eventually will silence posters that too critical of its staff.

    The far right and left version of free speech is the same. You get to talk as long as you don’t offend the local authorities too much. If you keep hammering them with criticism (like they do others) they’ll attempt to silence you.

  4. Yes ,they do.They regularly delete my posts too .Talk about leftist censorship in a ” democracy”.The same for kathimerini.If you don’t agree with the Greek government official line of scams and lies,you are banned from posting on both websites.How very democratic of Greece.

  5. They do.They don’t seem to like criticism much there.One of their moderators is the person who was previously posting under the name “Dean Plassaras” and then created TediNazi to hassle me after every post.

  6. You should be the last one to talk about harassment given you are a bigot that attacks Greek with racist rhetoric.

  7. This site is about Greece and the Greeks ,if you haven’t noticed.You don’t like to hear that the whole World thinks of the Greeks like thieves and parasites living their easy live off the rest of the world?Wake up and smell the coffe,Plassaras.

  8. The only thing I have woken up to is the vast amount of bigotry being directed at Greeks. You are living proof of this.

  9. The deleted some of my posts too. Nazis are thrilled at censorship when it comes time to silencing those that oppose you.

  10. Another strike? Hard to believe.

    Clearly the strike is for goodwill of the sick and an expression of patriotism — not another example of personal greed posing as high minded ethics.

  11. They own the website and moderate the blog. Ownership has it’s advantages and while many disagree with censorship, unless there is defamation of specific private individual(s) comments in general however biased, should be retained. This is entirely the right of the blog’s administrator. Their blog, their rules. That’s how it is. If you would like to start your own please let all know as there certainly will be colourful commentaries at the outset. FYI I am not Dean nor formally associated with either periodical you mentioned..

  12. Greek Reporter have a legal right to delete posts but as alleged “news” website they should be the last to censor. (even Tedi posts no matter how disagreeable should be left to stand).

    Some of Greek Reporter’s staff are oppressive self-righteous leftists., They lecture about their freedom of speech then behave like propagandists and dictators on their own turf.

    They spend virtually all their time attacking Greeks and no time condemning the mountains of foreign bigots that are literally trying to subtlly ethnically delete Greeks (to hide their embarrassment for calling FYROM “macedonian’).

    Bunch of bandwagon jumping treasonous pansies that just parrot whatever they read in the Guardian or NY Times.

  13. Living off the rest of the world??
    Are you kidding??
    That what America has been trying to do for the last 60 years; suck the blood of the whole world.
    But with every lost war that dream is evaporating fast.