New Evidence Against Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn


New shocking evidence for the action and the methods of the Greek Neo-Nazi political party, Golden Dawn, is in the hands of the investigating magistrates Ioanna Klappa and Maria Dimitropoulou.

The bulk of the new evidence is said to have been gleaned from an examination of the personal computers and cell phones of several Golden Dawn MPs and officials who have been questioned as part of a broader criminal investigation into the party. These computers and cell phones were seized by anti-terrorism officers on Thursday, when they raided the houses of several MPs and Golden Dawn’s offices.

The most valuable evidence until now, has come into the possession of the two investigating magistrates. These new findings concern the nature of the political action of Golden Dawn and consist of  documents and photographs which have been erased from the personal computers of the Golden Dawn’s MPs, but Greek police managed to recover.

In particular, one of the videos shows the chief of the Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Michaloliakos making the Nazi-Salute alongside with Georgios Germenis, Golden Dawn’s MP. These Nazi-style salutes are taking place during the initiation of new members who are taking vows of loyalty to the party. In this video one of the members says that “all those who are moaning but yet wait passively on their couch are worms and we must take them down too. This is what they deserve.”

In addition, in the case file there is a transcribed speech of Nikos Michaloliakos that takes place in a tavern where he addresses Golden Dawn members: “We are the bad fascists, the nationalists. The truth is that they are right, we are all these things. Our purpose is not to make those that are in the Greek Parliament “better” or to correct the corrupted political forces. Our purpose is to finish them off.”

Another new member of Golden Dawn appears in the video saying: “I am a part of Golden Dawn because I am a Greek rebel. We must all kill the Hebrew that exists inside us. On the first day of judgment, far from church’s theories for forgiveness and sins, we will hang all those who still have not decided which side they are on.”


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  8. I can’t understand why the poor Jewish Community always get attacked. Greece has been lead down this path by its own people…with the help of bankers. Bankers which follow many religions. Lagarde is Catholic, Samaras and all the Pollies are Greek Orthodox.
    I believe we should focus on prosecuting those responsible for their actions and not base it on religion. And it should be a world wide hunt based soley on individuals actions.

  9. I fully agree.They are Nazis and a danger to democracy.Put them all in prison and throw the key away.

  10. Venizeloos and Samaras are not a junta. they are lawfully elected by the Greek people in free and democratic elections.The GD are criminal thugs and we all know what happened to former dictators of Greece. They all ended their life in prison. The GD should have learned what happened to all Nazis including their idol the beastly Hitler.

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  13. You want evidence? Britain is a democratic country and very proud for being multicultural.They are the most tolerant country in the world a doctrine exactly opposite to what the evil Nazis believe. There is not bigger evidence than that.

  14. I am Serbian, by the way. We share your sentiments with FYROM, which is why nationalists from both our countries need to work together to crush this vile communist-connived state once and forever Amen! Deal?

  15. Golden Dawn is a constitutionally registered political party with 18 elected MP’s in the Hellenic parliament, 3 of which have been detained in prison on the orders of the treasonous, anti-democratic, constitution trampling Venizelos-Samaras Junta.


    Greek military just tested the S300 air defense system (300 km range). The Israeli airforce is justifiably terrified of the S300, they are constantly whining that they will bomb any convoy attempting to supply Syria with S300’s and they beg Russian President Putin not to give the S300 to Iran.

  17. It sounds like you watch too many Hollywood movies.

    “Evil” is subjective. Show me some evidence that they were “evil”? How exactly were they “evil”? How come they are considered “evil”, but warmongering Israel is not?

    Please elaborate more on your statement.

  18. How is Britain proud of being “multicultural” when White fight is happening in record numbers? It seems reality contradicts your emotionally charged hyperbole.

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  23. Most Eastern Europeans welcomed the advancing armies of Adolf Hitler and viewed them as liberators from brutal Soviet and Soviet backed regimes. The collaboratio of local Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc civilians with German forces against local communists (mainly Jewish Bolsheviks is well documented). They had good reason to. The Soviet massacre of Polish officers at Katyn is one example of Jewish bolshevik brutality. The Holodomor is another.
    The list is massive.

  24. Wrong, I did not pull that out of nowhere. The poll is genuine. I even provided you with the link to the guardian news article that reported the coalition government ordered secret poll.

    Secret polls ordered by the New Demoracy-Pasok coalition government gave Goldenwn he secretis talked about in he final paragraph of the guardian news article SEEAT THE LINK BBELOW. LINK.

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