New Evidence Against Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn


New shocking evidence for the action and the methods of the Greek Neo-Nazi political party, Golden Dawn, is in the hands of the investigating magistrates Ioanna Klappa and Maria Dimitropoulou.

The bulk of the new evidence is said to have been gleaned from an examination of the personal computers and cell phones of several Golden Dawn MPs and officials who have been questioned as part of a broader criminal investigation into the party. These computers and cell phones were seized by anti-terrorism officers on Thursday, when they raided the houses of several MPs and Golden Dawn’s offices.

The most valuable evidence until now, has come into the possession of the two investigating magistrates. These new findings concern the nature of the political action of Golden Dawn and consist of  documents and photographs which have been erased from the personal computers of the Golden Dawn’s MPs, but Greek police managed to recover.

In particular, one of the videos shows the chief of the Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Michaloliakos making the Nazi-Salute alongside with Georgios Germenis, Golden Dawn’s MP. These Nazi-style salutes are taking place during the initiation of new members who are taking vows of loyalty to the party. In this video one of the members says that “all those who are moaning but yet wait passively on their couch are worms and we must take them down too. This is what they deserve.”

In addition, in the case file there is a transcribed speech of Nikos Michaloliakos that takes place in a tavern where he addresses Golden Dawn members: “We are the bad fascists, the nationalists. The truth is that they are right, we are all these things. Our purpose is not to make those that are in the Greek Parliament “better” or to correct the corrupted political forces. Our purpose is to finish them off.”

Another new member of Golden Dawn appears in the video saying: “I am a part of Golden Dawn because I am a Greek rebel. We must all kill the Hebrew that exists inside us. On the first day of judgment, far from church’s theories for forgiveness and sins, we will hang all those who still have not decided which side they are on.”


  1. If they are a neo-nazi party, as the leftist media always call them, why is it surprising that they make the nazi salute ?… (which basically is the roman salute!) duh!

  2. They have been desperately denying that they are a Nazi party. Even when the evidence has been in our faces. It is not the left media that is calling them Nazi…We who do not support the left or right, can see it for ourselves. This conclusive evidence that they are Nazis (or at the very least follow Nazi ideologies) needs to be known by the public so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to voting. I believe the Greek public have been duped by Golden Dawns efforts to frame themselves as nationalists not Nazis (knowing that hardly anyone would vote for a Nazi party)

  3. Seeing the red and black meander flags they use, its hard to believe anyone would really think they don’t have sympathies for the nazis …

  4. Yes, it is hard to believe but Golden Dawn have done a very good job of covering up their Nazi ideology and calling it nationalism. People have been duped but the truth is being revealed for everyone now.

  5. If there is much more why is it still being released? Are the defendants owed a fair trail or is this purely a trial by media? Are there principals remaining in the justice system to find the truth or is it more important to push a political agenda?

  6. Because this is just the beginning and these are just things that are being leaked or told to the press. There is an enormous amount of evidence to sift through and check and verify.

    Here’s a bit more….

    but like I say, this is just the beginning and we won’t be privy to much of the trial evidence of course.

  7. Just rhetoric by some young members. A couple of sentences that never materialized into anything more. You know, in Greece it’s not illegal to say a few words in a private setting. It’s not illegal to give a Roman salute in a private or even in a public setting. Finishing off means to defeat politically, to drive New Democracy and PASOK into electoral oblivion, not to physically exterminate. The Golden Dawn member was simply stating the obvious, i.e. that the governing parties are irreformable and it’s better to finish them ff (electorally) than to delusionally believe that you can change their corript behaviour. Also, what about Greek PM Samaras saying he will “eradicate” & “melt” Golden Dawn. Is this not exterminationist language?

  8. I would suggest that New Democracy and PASOK should have their own computers and financial records checked (given the decades of blatant corruption they’ve engaged in and the €250 million these two parties owe to banks) before digging up videos of years old brief random speeches by Golden Dawn.

  9. It is NOT illegal to be a National Socialist party in Greece. Officially Golden Dawn is not a Nazi party, private thoughts and a couple of brief random speeches, sympathies etc of party members does not impact official party policy. The Golden Dawn party policy is on the official Golden Dawn website, this is what counts.

  10. You didn’t answer my question and that is because it fits into a political-socio agenda. I hope trials by media end as they are despicable acts against the justice system regardless of political leanings.

  11. Everyone in Greece is 100% aware that Golden Dawns leadership harbors some sympathies for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. The truth is that they also recognise that Golden Dawners are genuine nationalists who actually help the local Greek populace with food handouts, escorting the elderly to the bank and helping them with their shopping, painting and refurbushing the homes of frail pensioners, blood donations, and in the past patrolling neighbourhoods infested with violent illegal immigrants to protect the beleagured Greek citizens of those neighbourhoods. It’s no secret that when Greek citizens would call the police to report a burglary the police would respond by saying they have no resources to investigate, here’s the number to the local Golden Dawn ofice. A large segment of the Greek people support Golden Dawn for these reasons and don’t sit in their living rooms fretting over whether Michaloliakos believes Jews were gassed or not. That’s the reality.

  12. Here is the video showing XA party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, XA MP Giorgos Germenis & an unidentified (new member?) of XA saluting eachother using the Roman salute. Absolutely hilarious how the media replays the salute so many times. They will no doubt play this clip about 10000 times over the next few days until the Greek public is numb to it, and many young Greeks may even imitate it.

  13. Yes I read the evidence in the link you provided taking note of the video where Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos urges supporters to “remain calm”, just as any non-violent responsible political leader should.

  14. What’s ironic when the leftists on Greek Reporter keep complaining about extremists… Greek Reporters staff are so oppressive they are deleting posts! (seen a bunch of them go missing)

    Greek Reporter is the leftist version of “free speech”.

  15. I never tried to defend Golden Dawn as un-Nazis. The problem is Golden Dawn is 100% right, they are not Nazis. Leftists and conformists such as yourself have to define what Nazis is, were and are. Nazi means whatever the establishment wants to it mean whether true or not. Since Nazi is a loaded term which the establishment has brainwashed the dumb masses that Nazi= being an evil boogie man that kills and eats people, and cooks them in ovens, than Golden Dawn are not Nazis, simply because the definition of the term is incorrect.
    Hitler got rid off the jewish owned central bank in Germany, he healed the economy and cultural decay, society was revolutionized without blood spilled in the streets. For the first time in modern history small farmers were supported and praised, unlike in modern times where gigantic corporation like Monsanto (jewish staffed) through government legal aid have crushed the little farmers and have turned the agricultural industry into industrialized synthetic food production where the farmer is just franchise owner who has permission to use Monsanto seeds.
    Let’s judge Golden Dawn by its deeds. Golden Dawn helps the less fortunate Greeks, provides protection for the elderly from immigrant daily raids. It volunteers for firefighting and environmental cleaning of the land. It means what it says, it stands by exactly what they claim for to stand. They are first and foremost for the interest of Greeks(all Greeks big and little) not the invaders, native perverts and traitors or the international jewish bosses.
    If that’s what Nazis are than Nazis are the GOOD guys.
    In the end un-honorable people twopence misuse the word to gain a moral high ground against Golden Dawn. It’s moral high ground that is unearned and made possible through cradle to grave propaganda.

  16. A Nazi is short for Nationalist Socialist, different from Nationalist. Nazism is a belief, a theoretical movement that does seek the slaughter of Jews and countless other innocent groups. You cant be a peaceful Nazi that does not want to be a boogie man. Everyone is correct to say that Nazis are bad guys. This is an obvious fact considering the past.

  17. Is that sort of like some extremist Jews that go around beating up African migrants. confuscating property of Palestinians, failing to recognize marriages to non-jews, have a seperate set of laws for non-jews, and try to kick out every non-Jews from Israel? Why is you don’t spend any time criticizing that?

  18. GD is well on its way to being banned as political party. Most Greeks have no problem with this given many in the organization resort to facist rhetoric and paramilitary street violence.

    Unfortunately because of an irresponsible behavior of allegedly moderate leftists (that focuses almost solely on the shenanigans of GD) the opposite extreme of communist and anarchist extremists has been allowed to florish.

  19. This is the “new evidence” we have all been waiting for – the evidence which the Samaras’ prosecutorial juggernaut expects to bring against the leaders of Golden Dawn – Michaloliakos giving a Roman salute and decrying lazy members to get active and change the system? You’ve got to be kidding! This “evidence” wouldn’t stand up in small claims court! Politicians from every party and sector say the same thing using different (or similar) metaphors and adrenalated adjectives all the time. Are you going to prosecute a politician for his words. If so, prosecute Samaras for using words like “austerity.”

  20. I am against Nazis. You declaring me as hypocritical is indicating that I, despite me being Jewish am a Nazi. In truth those “racist” Israeli Jews are really just Nationalist. The Golden Dawn are Nationalist Socialist. There is a difference.

  21. ” In truth those “racist” Israeli Jews are really just Nationalist.”

    Using your own exact logic then the Greeks that attack migrants like jewish extremists do are just “nationalists” too.

    Seems like you support fascism among some jews while complaining about fascism among other groups. Not particularly rationally consistent

  22. Only for a while. They keep deleting ids and posts. The only poster they seem to never delete are leftists and bigots that troll Greeks. In my opinion this is the result of the leftist propensity for taking anti-nationalism to the point the absurdity discriminate against their own kin (e.g. leftist illegal only food drives in reponse to GD’s Greek only food drive)

    Or take TediUSA . The guy is obviously an extreme nationalist only here to demonize Greeks. Why hasn’t he been banned? And where are all the posters that claim to be againt racism when he comes here every day ranting about Greeks. (even you, who at occasionally least tries to say some nice things about greeks, say absolutely nothing to condemn the nut)

  23. For the record, I don’t support banning any posters (even the trolls like TediUSA). I’m just distrusting of those that claim to stand for freedom than cheer on or engage in censorship.

  24. “A large segment of the Greek people support Golden Dawn”

    Not true. Only a small percentage of Greeks support GD. Of those a fair chunk of them don’t even realize that Michaloliakos is essentially a fascist (why so many deny that GD is a fascist organization).

    Most of GD’s supporters are not facists. The are mostly patriots that just became upset lack of action on illegal migration, FYROM and corru[ion but they went about dealin with in the wrong way by getting mixed with a party more concerned with fascism than hellenism.

  25. ND and Pasok are putting people in jail from their own party. I would suggest to any Greek they also advocate the same of those in their party that violate the law by going around attacking people. The Greek haters would love nothing more than for us to engage in a civil war.

  26. Freelance Jewish extremists randomly physically attacking migrants like GD isn’t equally racism? Good luck trying to convince anyone with an ounce of cognitive capacity of that gem.

  27. Well, up until quite recently they had done a good job covering up their Nazi sympathies and ideology. Otherwise people would never have voted for a Nazi party in such numbers (from less than one percent at the previous election to 6%). It was just a few who saw through the propaganda and lies and saw them for what they real are. Now, everyone will see. Let’s see what happens to their support now.

  28. It is a Roman salute. If the Germans took it from their predecessors it is not the fault of Golden Dawn. Does it mean that people deserve to be arrested for recreating the Roman Legion salute?

  29. They deleted some of my posts too. I’m not a leftist just anti-Nazi and anti-racist. It seems that some people here think that that means I’m a communist. Well, so be it. I don’t think Greek Reporter actually has a moderation policy. It seems random. I’ve read people calling for violence on both sides. I’ve seen swastikas posted here and an unbearable amount of racism and xenophobia.

    I don’t respond to everyone “Guest”. I don’t have the time or frankly, the energy to argue with everyone on every point. My focus is Golden Dawn and the Nazis that troll here. Sorry if that offends you but it’s all I can do online. It’s not that I do not care about other things. It’s that I think Golden Dawn is the biggest threat to Greece at the moment.

    I also don’t think I have ever made a negative generalization about Greeks.

  30. New Democracy-Pasok seeks to ban Golden Dawn because they are afraid of competing against Golden Dawn in a democratic election. That’s all this is about and EVERYBODY knows it. Greece will die death by a thousand cuts under New Democracy-PASOK. Within 20 years Native Greeks will be outnumbered by 3rd World immigrants (mostly muslims) and Turkey will act out on it’s Prime Minister Erdogans claims that it’s borders extend to Thessaloniki. All sad, all horrifying, all true. If Golden Dawn is so unpopular then why try to ban the party? Why not allow them to get electorally wiped out in an election? Greece is run by an undemocratic junta Venizelos-Samaras that takes it’s orders from Brussels, Berlin, Washington, Tel Aviv, the American Jewish Committee, World Jewish Congress, European Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith etc

  31. Given the decades of blatant looting of state finances by New Democracy and PASOK MP’s, €250 MILLION owed to banks by these same two parties, PASOK leader Venizelos hiding the Lagarde list for 2 years in his home, etc, ad nauseum, why aren’t the computer files and financial records of these two parties being siezed, why isn’t there an audit on where all this money has gone? Well ofcourse the Junta Samaras-Venizelos is not going to order police raids on itself. New Democracy and PASOK have transformed Greece into a police state which takes it’s orders from foreign Jewish lobbies. Greece will either topple this junta or cease to exist as a “Greek” state.

  32. You said that the Jews are a separate superior race just like Hitler used to say about his race you Nazi.

  33. And yet they get stronger and you clutch at straws and hope the Venizelos, Samaras junta ban them and put them in jail.

  34. Can you show me an excerpt from this apparent ‘universal National Socialist manifesto’ that instructs it adherers to slaughter Jews and other innocents?

  35. The fact that you pick and choose certain posts to respond to, shows me you’re the one who is “panicking”.

  36. I was mocking your neo-Nazi theory that whites are a superior race by showing another theory that Jews are a superior race. To call me a Nazi while I am Jewish is very weird don’t you think?

  37. I don’t go by the book. Its the actions by Nationalist Socialist along with their claims that make it only necessary to label them as anti-Semitic. The slaughter of Jews was a wrongful decision for anyone to make. Adolf Hitler and his self-developed Nationalist socialist ideology encouraged, and performed the slaughter of Jews. These are facts…

  38. Question. If this prosecution fails, some legal experts believe that the Golden Dawn’s popularity could increase like never before. Do you think that this is untrue and that the exposure of the Nazism of the Golden Dawn will guarantee their demise?

  39. What slaughter of Jews? Oh, you mean the number of Jews and other prisoners that died in prison camps due to typhus? You can hardly blame an act of nature on Hitler and his Ideology.

  40. “Roman Legion Salutes”, are performed by the Golden Dawn, provided that there are swastikas in the background, copies and excerpts from anti-Semitic books and Mein Kampf, laid around their homes along with countless other neo-Nazi elements. Don’t you get it? They are carrying a symbol similar to the Swastika, doing salutes similar to the Nazis, believe in Nationalist Socialism, white racial superiority, they have shrines of Hitler in their bedrooms for crying out loud! If the Golden Dawn are just doing a Roman salute then explain all of this. That’s just what they want you to think They are liars. Wake up!

  41. Perhaps you need to go back to simple schooling and educate yourself on the millions of Jews who were taken from their homes and brought to gas chambers.
    Their are Jewish Holocaust survivors today that could tell stories of the horrors. Jews were forced to work hard and feed very little, that explains why in images they are so starving. Typhus does not fit into the equation. Adolf Hitler made speeches in Germany against the Jews also.

  42. Deja vu? I seem to recall we had this conversation awhile ago, on another article. If I recall correctly, you ended up resorting to name-calling when you could no longer counter my points — and thus, stopped replying altogether. Perhaps I may dig those posts up where we left off.