50-Cent Tax to Cover “free electricity”

electricitybill_300_0412According to the newspaper “To Vima,” the Ministry of the Environment is seeking options in order to ensure that vulnerable households will retain their electricity supply.

The Minister Yiannis Maniatis proposed  the introduction of a 50-cent levy on all electricity bills  in order to cover the cost of reconnection to the power grid and electricity of vulnerable households. Maniatis stated that free electricity would be available to households already on DEI’s social tariffs and municipal welfare lists.

However many households are connected to DEI’s power grid under the name of the property owner, meaning that many DEI customers do not appear to qualify for the social tariff.

Maniatis had formerly suggested that municipalities could bear the cost of reconnecting to the power grid and paying the electricity bills. Yiannis Boutaris, the mayor of Thessaloniki, called this proposal “the worst kind of charity” and said that the State instead of providing handouts, should help people make a decent living.

The Mayor of Athens, Giorgos Kaminis also disapproved this proposal claiming that not all municipalities afford to cover the cost. Kaminis also added that the electricity supply of poor households must not be cut off.

The Minister of the Environment has announced that the government will attempt to reconnect 10,000 to 15,000 households to the power grid by Christmas and  he has asked for municipal authorities to quickly compose lists of households without electricity.

Meanwhile, DEDDIE, the electricity distribution network operator, stated that it will not charge for reconnection to the power grid.


  1. NOOOOOOOO! Have a whip round in Parliament and get the MP’s to cough up – and pay for their greed, corruption and mistakes.

  2. You’ve got to love this free electricity scheme that will be with us in perpetuity. Politicians will remind the poor before the next election how much they sacrificed to give them electricity at our expense.

  3. Wealth re-distribution from the productive parts of the society to the parasitic ones is all these hard core Greek leftists believe in.

  4. Just take it out of the salaries of the politicians! The thieves didn’t even take a pay cut.

  5. What did all the populists that demanded free electricity expect? Free lunch? If a government has a budget shortfall because it starts giving extra services, it has to collect the money from somewhere.,

  6. More stupid decisions by a country full of stupid decisions. It’s one country that has no shortage of stupid.


  7. The solution is for you to steal electricity too.

    This is what happens when socialist retards run a country. They see no limits in what they can steal from you.

  8. This is a joke…Thats why Greece is bankrupt without any hope for prosperity because our Ministers including our PM are useless and worthless enough not to know how to govern, find solutions to save the country to put it back on the right track…


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