Double Elections for Greek Citizens in May


Greek Interior Minister Yiannis Michelakis announced on Wednesday morning, that Greek local elections will take place on May 18 and 25. This means that the second day of Greek local elections will coincide with the elections of the European Parliament which have been set to take place May 22-25. Thus the Greek citizens are called to participate in double-elections.

In addition, the Greek Minister of Interior speaking earlier on Mega channel, underlined that there is going to be no changes to the voting system after PASOK denied any modifications, thus the forthcoming elections will be held under the current electoral system.

Meanwhile, the fact that the Greek local elections will coincide with the ones for the European Parliament caused a reaction from the major opposition party. The Coalition Party of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) in an announcement accused the Coalition Government of using tactical maneuvers in order to minimize the significance of the European Parliament’s elections.  According to the party’s announcement: “The Greek government is in panic. This is obvious, as it plays with the dates on which the local elections and the elections for the European Parliament will be held. The Greek government moved the scheduled day of the local elections one week earlier from the date in which European Parliament’s elections are going to take place, by misinterpreting the Law.

The Greek coalition with this trick, hopes that the interest in the second round of the local elections will not be high, as the results in many municipalities would have been determined by the first round, thus the participation in the elections of the European Parliament will be low. SYRIZA’s announcement continues: “It is certain that the Greek government will do its utmost to minimize the significance of the election results of the European Parliament. However, the result of the elections will be a “shout” against the memorandum’s political powers.”


  1. We need to kick out as many far left and far right elements from office as possible. Left unchecked the inflammatory rhetoric and extreme positions of these fanatics will only drive us to another civil war.

  2. We already are in the early stages of a civil war. Confidence has been shaken as reforms have not been implemented effectively if at all. The Constitution allows for administrative abuses and the 50 seat rule has become a joke. Because of these and many other reasons the electorate is migrating away from the center instead of towards it. This did not happen overnight by accident, it has taken years of disenfranchisement to cause the gap between Left and Right to widen into a chasm. The government’s prosecution of Rightists and sanctioned refuge given to Leftists makes the situation almost untenable.

  3. These elections are frustrating to many Greek citizens like me because we are disenfranchised. Greece has no mechanism for its citizens to vote if they are out of the country at the time of elections. Greeks who study or work abroad or who are away for any other reason cannot cast absentee ballots or vote at an embassy or proxenio. I will leave Greece on May 9th and not return until July, thus losing my right to vote. For years, both ND and PASOK have promised to remedy this inequity but nothing has been done..

  4. Reforms have been implemented. It just some Greeks (typically leftists but even GD) have become so conditioned to living off the state it is difficult for them to break the mindset. Rather than change they waste all their time complaing how the government is responsible for fixing our economy. (or worse strike, riot, or engage in terrorism).

    While the government has cracked down on the extreme right you are indeed right that it has been too soft on the left. The vast majority of violence in greece is by leftist and anarchist extremists but to listen to left leaning “news” GD is the main problem. (including Greek Reporter that has a bad habit of referencing violent riots as “protest” or downplaying it as isolated incidents)

  5. Why would they reform a process when its not in their self interest.
    The more things change, the more things stay the same…