German Social Democrats Propose New Memorandum for Greece

Greece support programEven before the appointment of the new coalition government, the German Social Democrats are making their intentions for Greece clear.

Carsten Schneider, the parliamentary spokesman of SPD, spoke to the Financial Times and clarified: “It is evident that there will be a new support program with conditions.”

He justified the Social Democrats decision to continue supporting Greece. “We would be very popular in Germany if we opposed the support programs. We support the agreement because we see it as support for Europe.”

According to Schneider, the fact that they have stopped supporting the solution of Eurobonds is due to a difference of opinion, and is indicative of the Social Democrats policy.


  1. YEs Sir re. Anything to keep the pulse going in a comatose state.
    Let’s save the euro from collapsing and embarrassment while we torcher the Greek citizens God fearing people of Greece with more brutality that has NOT WORKED.

  2. Greece needs to be tortured the way they have tortured the world with their so called failed supremacy & debt burden.

    Ovens need to be started.


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