Greek and Turkish Ministers’ Meeting on Minority Issues and Cyprus

davutoglu-venizelosThe Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu met in Athens on Friday to discuss about the upcoming launch of a new round of peace talks on Cyprus and on controversial bilateral issues including Turkey’s insistence on the existence of a Turkish minority in Thrace.

During a joint press conference, Venizelos stated that Greece does not recognize a Turkish state in northern Cyprus and pointed out that any proposed solution on Cyprus must be approved by the Cypriot people in a referendum.

Davutoglu said that Turkey was willing to contribute to a solution on Cyprus. He also brought up Ankara’s claims regarding a Turkish minority in Thrace, in northern Greece. “The issue of our minorities must be considered as an opportunity, a bridge that can unite the two nations” he said.

The two politicians also discussed illegal immigration,  Greek EU presidency and issues of potential cooperation as well as issues of religious freedom that were high on the agenda.

According to “Kathimerini”, Davutoglou, avoided discussions on Turkey’s plans  to turn the Aghia Sofia Orthodox Church in Istanbul into a mosque, saying only that, “Ankara honors international laws in such matters.”

Speaking on the same issue, the Greek Minister noted that  member states of the United Nations and UNESCO must ensure the protection of all monasteries of global cultural significance.

In regards to the construction of a mosque in Athens, Venizelos said he anticipates the completion of  the project which is necessary for Muslims in Greece in order to be able to exercise their religious duties. The Turkish Foreign Minister welcomed the acceleration of the project.


  1. “The issue of our minorities must be considered as an opportunity, a bridge that can unite the two nations” he said. This alleged bridge would require a sizable Greek Orthodox community in Turkey, which no longer exists as successful Turkish governments have flouted the Lausanne Treaty and done everything in their power to extinguish the 3,000-year Hellenic presence in Asia Minor. And if Venizelos thinks that building a mosque in Athens is going to facilitate the immediate opening of the Halki Theological Seminary, he’s delusional.

  2. The current turkish regeme even supports the Skopians in a subtle proxy attempt to ethnically delete Greeks. Davutoglou’s version of “minority rights” is genocide against the Greek people and annexing Greece up to the modern Turkish state.

    Meanwhile our leftist cowards are always tripping themselves to be “comrades’ with people trying to exterminate us. (e..g Thessaloniki major Yanis Botaris that tries to be best of pals with Skopians that not only want to annex 1/3 of Greece but even usurp our very identity)

  3. Does Greece even recognize anyone? This racist nation should all be deported to the Middle East & survival should be based like the movie ‘Hunger Games’. Europe needs Europeans, not bigots.

  4. I thought that Pomaks were ancient Thracians converted to Islam. I wouldn’t call them Turks.


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