New Poll Shows SYRIZA in the Lead


A Metron Analysis opinion poll carried out on behalf of the newspaper “Avgi,” gives SYRIZA a 1.2 percent lead over New Democracy. Golden Dawn seems to be stable in third position with 7.2 percent, while the Democratic Left is below 3 percent which is the threshold needed to be in parliament.

In particular, the opinion poll places SYRIZA first with 21.2 percent. Second is New Democracy with 20 percent, followed by neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn in third place with 7.2 percent. The Independent Greeks party (ANEL) is fourth with 4.8 percent while PASOK is in fifth with 4.5 percent. Right behind the coalition party is the Greek Communist Party (KKE). DIMAR has just 2.7 percent and would therefore in theory be out of Parliament.

On the issue of who would be most suitable for the position of prime minister, coalition leader and current Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras received 23 percent of votes from those who participated in the poll, followed by SYRIZA chief, Alexis Tsipras, with 19 percent.

In terms of the popularity of political leaders, Alexis Tsipras came first, receiving 37 percent of votes. Antonis Samaras came second with 29 percent, followed by the leader of DIMAR, Fotis Kouvelis with 28 percent. In fourth place was Panos Kammenos with 27 percent, followed in fifth by the General Secretary of The Communist Party, Dimitris Koutsoubas with 19 percent.


  1. what happened to the fugly nazi leader, no one likes him. That is a shock.
    Time for all the nazi trolls to come forward.
    Paging mshitler,auusienazi, sheckel the rest of the carzies

  2. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta “Nea Pasokratia” is in big trouble. It’s clear that PASOK won’t be able to re-enter the Greek parliament again at the next elections. Pasok will be unable to muster the 3% minimum requirement. What coalition options does Samaras have left? Anel? This won’t be enough for Samaras to govern. Syriza will most likely govern Greece at the next elections.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ……….and the Greek communist chose SYRIZA,of course-that had promised them more European “loans” without conditions and strings attached.

  4. In a comments or controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun only striving for ourselves, blinded to all.

  5. SYRIZA is clearly going to take the enxt election if the teetering current Gov’t doesn’t fall before so, and Tsipras is now being groomed quickly by the EU with Ollie Rehn and Schable as the first to do so. PASOK & ND are finished in Greece.

  6. Unsurprising. After all these decades of people selling their votes for empty promises of “eparxoun lefta”, some in the electorate have learned nothing. Rather than focus on their own personal output and productivity, they still shamelessly demanding handouts from the government to cure their economic ills.

    Most of the moochers that used to support Pasok left the party when it stopped promising freebies and started to vote for the Syriza. Like every other communist populist in history, Tsipiras cannot deliver on his promises though (as centrally planned economies do not work — especially not in countries with no technology to boast productivity). All we will achieve is encourage even more illegal immigration and you can trust antihellenic communists to once again treasonously betray Greece on foreign policy issues like FYROM.

    What’s ironic is that many of the anti-government complainers that aren’t Syriza supporters are so slow witted they are effectively supporting Tspiras through their rhetoric. Illegals and anyone with a bone to pick with Greeks warmly support you in your anti-government rhetoric. Keep up the “good” work.. of electing a communists.

  7. The opinion poll numbers by party ranking is more realistic than the popularity “beauty contest” of political leaders. Watch as ND turns the heat on next month against opponents and their policies. The giveaways of political patronage will also be dialed up, while statements of disaster, catastrophe, crisis, doom and gloom from Brussel-crats if ND does not hold on to power. Scaring the ill informed, elderly and country folk out of their fustanellas is to be expected. It worked last time why not again now.

  8. The Greek bailout is effectively over . The current Troika talks are just a pretense designed not to unsettle the financial markets:

    “Ongoing negotiations between the Greek government and envoys representing the country’s troika of international creditors are focusing on “difficult” and “sensitive” issues, Gerry Rice, a spokesman for the International Monetary Fund said in Washington late on Thursday, noting that the foreign auditors would return to Athens in January to continue the talks.

    During his briefing to reporters, Rice said there would be discussion about debt restructuring in the summer of 2014 but, as a spokeswoman for the Fund clarified later, the reference was not related to the issue of Greece’s debt but to an analysis of “experiences from around the world.”

  9. You know,being hooked up on easy money and governmental handouts is like an alcoholic and his bottle,he never gives it up voluntarily……therefore the Greek bailout needs to be stopped ASAP,because that’s where the Greek government gets its money to give to the Greek spoiled socialistic population from.I mean,the Greeks need to focus on what they can produce, and not constantly demand other countries money for their easy living,as you correctly stated.

  10. Its highly beneficial for this world to politically experiment with insignificant nations such as Greece. If Greece becomes more and more left then it will surely set a good example towards the US. We could learn for ourselves if Communism is an efficient form of government, and decide what to do in our country.

  11. New Democracy will not be able to find a significant coalition partner at the next national elections. Pasok and Dimar won’t meet the 3% threshhold needed to re-enter parliament, New Democracy itself is hovering at 20% support nowhere near enough to govern alone, and Syriza is in a similar position, 21.5% is nowhere near enough to govern. Some analysts have predicted a coalition government between New Democracy and SYRIZA at the next national elections. If by some miracle Pasok and Dimar manage to attain 3% of the national vote each then they two are likely to be invited to join this grand coalition. The question is who will be Prime Minister and who will be deputy leader of this grand coalition? Tsipras or Samaras. It is almost certain however that to produce a new government the numbers suggest a New Democracy-Syriza coalition is in the horizon. A New Democracy-Golden Dawn coalition was never feasible as both parties officially publicly completely reject eachother and ofcourse Samaras is under orders from the American Jewish Committee, World Jewish Congress, European Jewish Congress, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and ofcourse Tel Aviv itself to ban Golden Dawn and imprison it’s MP’s.

  12. Pasok is well above 3 percent and likely to remain so and ND has far more supporters than GD. I agree that ND/GD coalition is impossible because ND supporters oppose Hitler lovers much like they oppose Stalin lovers.

    As GD is unlikely to participate in the next general federal election the real question is who will the Greeks that supported GD (the ones that aren’t Naziss) vote for next election?. If they support anything other than ND and continue to go on anti-government rants… they are effectively voting for communists.

  13. If the New Democracy-Pasok political persecution of Golden Dawn succeeds in removing Golden Dawn as an option for Greek voters to select on the ballot, then my humble prediction is that Golden Dawns support amongst the Hellenic electorate, 7.2% if you believe the Metron Analysis poll, 17% if you believe the secret polls ordered by the coalition government, will be split in the following way.
    (1) Some will out of protest simply scribble Golden Dawn on the ballot (2) Some will hold their nose and vote Syriza in order to punish Samaras for having taken away their ability to vote tor Golden Dawn (3) Some will abstain from voting (4) Some will vote Anel (5) Some will vote for other parties not including Anel, ND or Pasok, (6) Some will return to Laos, and (7) Some will hold their nose and vote for New Democracy. Given all the options given above New Democracy will benefit at best by roughly 2% to 4% of the national vote dependent on whether true support for Golden Dawn is closer to 10% or 20%. p.s. I personally believe it is very unlikely Pasok will re enter parliament at the next elections.

  14. “Pasok is well above 3%” LOL! Well actually the Metron Analysis poll puts them at 4.5% not exactly what i’d call “well above 3%”

  15. ‘thehitch’, good to see you’re back providing nothing to the conversation bar childish insults and accusations.

  16. A ND/GD coalition is impossible because GD supporters oppose traitors who collaborate with Pasok crimminals and DHMAR communists.

  17. There are hardly any Greeks today who are “undecided” about whether they support New Democracy, Pasok, Syriza, Dimar, Anel, KKE, or Golden Dawn, that 30% “undeclared” are overwhelmingly voters who are afraid of telling pollsters over the phone who they support for fear that their names and political affiliation will be recorded on some database. The question to ask then is, which political party would most Greek citizens be too afraid to admit to pollsters that they support? The answer is clear. Golden Dawn! The entire political-media-judicial establishment has for months been going all out in an attempt to label and classify Golden Dawn as a criminal organization, so most Greeks would be terrified of admitting to a polling organization that they support Golden Dawn. In the privacy of a voting booth however they will have nothing to fear, and that’s why all of Greece will get a tremendous shock in the May 2014 Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections.

  18. Greek journalist, Aris Spinos, confessed that he quit his job as a TV presenter on a Greek TV station because he ‘received orders’ to publish falsified poll results.
    According to him the numbers of Golden Dawn were CUT IN HALF in order to make it look as if the party is not growing. Spinos said that he would rather sell shoes in the market rather than deliberately spread lies on television. Other similar cases have been reported.

  19. I keep telling you a vote for GD is a win for Syriza
    So keep voting …..
    Syriza is the new PASOK …maybe we will get Papandreou back