Greek PM’s Plane Forced to Land

    Airplane_GreeceThe Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras along with his associates, were expected to fly to Baku, Azerbaijan, this evening. However his plane showed mechanical problems and was forced to land at the Elefsina airport.

    After engineers performed a check on the aircraft, a test flight was conducted in order to determine whether the aircraft was safe to travel to Baku.

    The test flight showed that the aircraft was not safe for flight, and there was no other way for the Greek delegation to make the journey. As a consequence, the Prime Minister’s trip to Azerbaijan was cancelled.

    The purpose of the Prime Ministers trip to Baku, was to participate in the event for the signing of the TAP Gas Pipeline commencement.

    During his visit, the privatization agreement of DESFA (National Natural Gas System Operator) would be signed by HRADF President, Konstantinos Maniatopoulos and Socar President, Rovnag Abdullayev, while in the presence of Azerbaijan President, Ilham Aliyev and the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras.


    1. I’m surprised the leftist crazies on Greek Reporter didn’t somehow twist this into yet another anti-government rant.

      “Corrupt government steals gas from poor to pay for trip”

      “Samaras takes expense jet rather than bicycle to Azerbaijan”

    2. It wasn’t “paranoia”. Some of Greek Reporters staff do occasionally delete posts.

      I don’t support deleting any posts (even ones offensive to Greeks) but if they have to you’d think this being “Greek” Reporter they would have the common sense to prioritize the ones by Skopians Nazis,

      Of course this isn’t really a Hellenic website or even objective news website. This website is really “multiculturalist anti-nationalist leftist” blog. Nearly every article is slanted towards explaining how either the government isn’t helping enough or how illegals are all victims.

      Not even a single article condemning FYROM’s numerous foreign apologists that now pretend not to notice the Skopians transformation into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism. They are such cowards they can’t even admit to themselves we have been betrayed by our own former friends and allies.

    3. I fail to see how is stating the fact Greek Reporter deletes posts “paraonid”. I have to assume your hostile response on this thread and others in the last 24 hours is just you looking for a fight. the very fact your would prioritize me over leftists only further illustrates how irrational GD supporters actually are.

    4. Dummy I ma no GD supporter.
      However I have not seen you post any rational arguments on any subject yet…but please…prove me wrong if you can!

    5. For someone that now claims you are not a GD supporter you sure have have a funny way of showing it. Virtually every point your argue here sounds like you supported GD until it recently became labelled a criminal organization. Can you explain to us where exactly you disagree with Golden Dawn supporters like MSmiles?

      You claim I provide no rational arguments. I would suggest the same of you but you would first have to utter a coherent economic approach rather than just whining about the government (a practice that is all to common among Greeks)

      Aren’t you ashamed of yourself demanding handouts from the government? Here I thought patriots worried more about what they could do to help their country rather than just what they take from it.

    6. I am demanding no handouts myself…but there is a good case here for helping poor people stay warm in winter… full stop!!
      You sound like you have no heating problems and are well fed.
      It very easy to blame the victims from your position.
      How on earth is the average Greek responsible for 1 failed government policy after another & by all sides of politics.
      Don’t confuse their anger with anti-Hellenism.
      Any other country would now be in a civil war!!

    7. “I am demanding no handouts myself”

      Everyone whining about the government claims they are doing it for someone else.

      “It very easy to blame the victims from your position.”

      Someone that sits at home unemployed for years or goes out and throws rocks at police for “democracy” is not a “victim”. They are a parasite.

      “Don’t confuse their anger with anti-Hellenism.”

      I don’t. You are confusing yourself by thinking I believe that.

      “Getting your rich buddies to pay taxes is a good start ahahaha!!”

      You are so out of touch with reality you don’t realize that the vast majority of tax evasion is by middle and lower class citizens. Rich people are just an easier target for populists during hard times.

      “when you say that bogeymen are deleting posts…well that sounds a little paranoid.”

      Perhaps you don’t have a rigid a view of free speech as I do. Personally i don’t think any posts should be deleted. Too gestapo like for my tastes.

      The irony is you are the one that is paranoid about the government and rich people while lecturing about paranoia.

    8. ‘the vast majority of tax evasion is by middle and lower class citizens.’

      That’s a lie….do some more research!!

    9. “That’s a lie….do some more research!!”

      A link to the anti-hellenic trolls at the Guardian isn’t going to sway me. That’s the “news” source that called obvious Skopian propagandists “macedonians”, tells us to vote for Syriza (they would never support a communist in the UK), and demonizes any Greek that opposes illegal immigration as “fascists” while at the same time their own country is hard at work deporting illegals.

      The only argument to be made with any rich people that cheat is that the sums of money are by definition much greater than lower class. However, it is a fact the vast majority of tax cheats are middle class and poor. Its not even close.

    10. Your paranoia runs deep doesn’t it?
      I have other links from a variety of news sites… so look for them.
      Learn to do a little research before repeating what your father says.
      You have produced no links to substantiate your assertions yet!
      “However, it is a fact the vast majority of tax cheats are middle class and poor. Its not even close.”
      Again with your Big Lie??
      How many new sites must I show you?
      Just call me ‘Teacher’ would you??

    11. Do I also need to provide a link that the moon is not made of cheese too? That you would remotely think that tax evasion and corruption in Greece is limited primarily to a handful of rich people and government only demonstrates just how far detached populists like you are from reality. While you lecture on “paranoia”, you subscribe to the same sort paranoid common man vs elite class warfare crap of GD and communists.

      Nevertheless. Here is a link . You could have found it yourself with 2 minutes of honest research. Unfortunate populists are alwasy looking for scapegoats rather than dealing with the heart of Greece’s problems by isolating root causes in objective fashion.

      “In the last quarter of 2005, participation in tax evasion reached an estimated 49% of the population,[2] while in January 2006 it fell to 41.6%.”

    12. Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”.

      John Steinback

    13. Lol.,

      “Samaras dines on food that could have gone to illegal migrants’:

      “Samaras wears cloths while poor babies freeze”

      “Samaras refuses to single handledly fix the Greek economy”

      etc.. etc…

      Our moderate coalition government is by no means perfect but right now we have great need of strong stable government to create political stability… not more leftist and fascists loons. Thinking like that we risk a civil war and could end up like the Arab spring countries.

      They discovered simply overthrowing a government and killing one another does not fix an economy. To fix an economy requires the hard work and ingenuity of millions of its citizens not just waiting around for a handful of rich people and government officials to do everything for us.

    14. We should not “compromise” with Skopians. Such an alleged compromise is built of cowardice not principles. The Skopians have no intention of respecting Greek history and territory. (and their apologists lost every last shred of credibility when they try to downplay their sudden identity change and irredentism). For as long there is a single Skopian referencing themselves as “macedonian” our goal should the obliteration of this state (either by annexation to Greece or by helping Bulgarians/Albanians split it in two_

    15. The article you provide was written a year ago and was more of a rant against our own government than the SKopians. The Skopians right on this issue every day… while treasonous cowards like Dablis several times Iweek writes articles framing masses of illegals “immigrants” while offensively standering any Greek that opposes mass illegal immigration as “fascist”.

      By comparison, the modern British government (who have to deal with far less illegals per capita than Greece) consider illegal migration a crime. The leftists on Greek Reporter (and elsewhere) are not only effectively encourages human trafficking into Greece with their non-existent immigration policies but if it continues unabated it will turn Greece back into the Ottoman empire.

      This is why Turkey’s and FYROM’s PM love our leftists… and hate leftists in their own countries. They know our leftist are clueless buffoons that are easily manipulated with “human rights” bs.

    16. The jet incident demonstrates Greece’s condition. A thorough pre-flight check while following a maintenance schedule should have caught most critical problems. This is no mere general aviation aircraft, it carries the head of state. The same lackadaisical attitude prevails throughout government that fails to stimulate the economy, boost exports and implement badly needed reforms. The Prime Minister deserves to remain grounded until the problems here are fixed first. The onus of responsibility rests with the ground crew to repair the aircraft and for Samaras the nation.

    17. The Greek courts have not labelled Golden Dawn a criminal organization. Only the Zionist controlled criminal Venizelos-Samaras Junta and the Marxist media uses this term to describe Golden Dawn. When the case against Golden Dawn collapses due to a lack of any serious evidence the Venizelos-Samaras Junta will collapse with it.

    18. ‘A study by researchers from the University of Chicagoconcluded that tax evasion in 2009 by self-employed professionals alone in Greece (accountants, dentists, lawyers, doctors, personal tutors and independent financial advisers) was €28 billion or 31% of the budget deficit that year.”
      This is from your own link.
      Honest research??
      Your not even honest about what’s in your own links ahahahaha!!!

    19. We cannot stop a group of people calling themselves whatever they wish to call themselves.
      Your are fighting a losing battle….let’s fight the battles we can win.
      Such as using international academic pressure to embarrass the FYROM educational institutions to turn from propaganda & investigates history to find the truth rather than looking for scraps of contrary evidence to support an agenda.
      Next we really need to build closer relationships with the Skopians as hard as that may be & encourage them to put aside all nonsense & dream of a greater Macedonia which includes Greek land.
      How do we do this??
      Only through friendship, trade links & stronger alliances.
      Many people around the world can lay claim to be of Ancient Macedonian descent,.

      A person in India , Asia Minor Egypt etc….so on those grounds why not the ancient land of Paeonia…now FYROM.
      Both sides agree with the coming of the Slavs; which is the strongest influence over their language & culture, happened in the middle ages.
      A good staring point for compromise.
      Perhaps unification rather than annexation is a possibly??

    20. By definition the biggest thefts are by those with the most money. However this does not dismiss my point that the vast majority of tax evasion is by middle class and poor Greeks.