Northern Greek Ski Resorts Open, Snow at Low Levels

    parnassos ski resortSnow at ski resorts in northern Greece remains at marginal levels, while those at Vassilitsa, 3-5 Pigadia and Pisoderi have enough to open. Three lifts are in operation at Vassilitsa in the Grevena area (with 70cm of snow), while at Pisoderi near Florina (with 40cm of snow), only the babylift is in operation.

    The snow quality at 3-5 Pigadia near Naoussa is excellent due to the artificial system they use. A total of 23 snow ‘cannons’ are in operation, providing excellent conditions for skiing.

    At the Elatochori ski center in the Pieria area, only an airlift is in operation, allowing visitors to tour the resort.
    (source: ana-mpa)


    1. This snow problem is just another distraction. The corrupt Greek government is stealing snow from the Greek people. Revolt. Revolution. Outrageous,

    2. I though it was the Skopians over the border trying to steal their ” SO CALLED” land back ahahahaha!!!

    3. I’m surprised there is no SKI TAX. How did the government miss this one? Think about all the electricity used by chairlifts and snow making that could be “saved”. Anyone that can afford this expensive sport has the income to pay a tax or two or three as there really is no competition for ski resorts close to Greece’s major cities. The Ministress for Tourism should be reprimanded for her oversight and immediately impose a luxury tax on skis, boots and bindings.