De Telegraaf: “The Left-Wing Political Party Is the Largest in Greece”

greece-Results of a recent survey published by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, point to leftist SYRIZA with 22% of votes, as the party with most public support currently in Greece, albeit by a small margin.

Nea Dimokratia under the leadership of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, received 21%. Golden Dawn received 9%, while PASOK, which was for many years the largest political party in Greece, received only 5% of votes.

The Dutch newspaper referred to the dire economic situation in Greece with unemployment at 27%, though with the government hoping for better results next year with economic growth predicted to be 0.6%. The government has spent the last few months trying to convince the troika to give the green light for disbursement of the next 1 billion euro tranche of the loan agreement, with mixed results. The troika departed Greece on Monday, claiming some progress was made.