Greek Doctors Continue Their Strike

eopyyAfter a four-week strike, the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has intervened and arranged to meet with the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis and the EOPYY doctors, in order to discuss the proposed changes to the healthcare system and EOPYY, the main care provider in Greece.

The striking doctors, who have agreed to negotiate with the Minister, have decided to continue with their action until Thursday, December 27. The main issues of disagreement remain; the doctor dismissals announced by the Minister of Health about a month ago, the transition to the new primary healthcare system and the employment conditions of doctors.

EOPYY doctors in Attica, during their general assembly on Tuesday morning, decided to extend the strike to December 27, while the other EOPYY doctor unions are expected to convene on Thursday to decide whether to follow a similar course of action.

Meanwhile the management of EOPYY has issued a statement calling on doctors to end their strike and to return to their posts, as there has been significant social impact on vulnerable patients who depend on EOPYY healthcare services.



  1. “Κοπριτες της κοινωνίας”…These Doctors are useless and worthless in the Greek NHS…They are scumbags…

  2. Another strike? What a surprise.

    When our unions (typically run by leftists) manipulatively claim they are striking for “democracy” and “human rights”.. what they are actually doing it for is to leetch off taxpayers for their own personal benefit. Had they cared an iota about our country they would make sacrifices.

    The downsizing of our government is a form of accountability not only towards the government itself but also towards the millions of shameless unproductive parasites that convinced themselves they have a moral right to live off the backs of others vis-a-vis the state. (which is how we ended up with so much government debt and so little productivity)

    Rational Greeks will look at the current situation as an opportunity to take their lives into their own hands. The irrational ones will continue to shamelessly whine and whine how the government (aka other Greeks) should be giving them more money and services.

    If these people want to spend their life whining how the government is keeping them poor simply because they can no longer leetch off it, that is their choice. Pity the handicapped or children. Have no pity for any adult that has two arms, two legs, and a brain that self-righteously believes they are entitled to live off the hard work of others.