Greek Former Minister of Transport Arrested for Driving Without License

    Liapis_policeMichalis Liapis, former New Democracy MP as well as former Minister of Transport and nephew of Constantine Karamanlis, was arrested today, in Loutsa. The traffic police stopped him when he violated a stop sign. It was later found that the car — a luxury SUV — had fake plates, using the number of its proper ones, which had already been filed.

    Then he reportedly told the police: “I have homemade signs so I can take small rides” leaving everyone speechless.

    Furthermore, the former Minister had no driver’s license. All this in addition to the car being uninsured, resulted in the former Minister’s arrest.

    Liapis_CarEventually, Mr. Liapis presented his license as well as his ID card but he is still in custody. At 6pm he will be led to the prosecutor on charges of forgery, false certification and use of an uninsured vehicle. He will also have to pay a fine of 500 euros.

    Police said the 62-year-old had handed his license plates over to tax authorities to avoid an estimated 1,320 euros in road tax for 2013, and was illegally using copies of the originals.
    According to his wealth declaration for 2011, Liapis and his wife owned 28 pieces of real estate, including a villa with a swimming pool on the resort island of Mykonos. His declared income for that year was 109,000 euros.

    Interestingly enough, Michalis Liapis was Minister of Transport in 2007. While he was in office he had ordered the police to give a fine to the former Thessaloniki Prefect, Panagiotis Psomiadis because he allegedly was driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.


    1. Is anyone surprised at the hypocrisy, and outright flouting of the law by New Democracy MP’s both former and present. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta must fall in order for Greece to live.

    2. GD offers nothing but ideas from nazi Germany. You guys are full of it.You and all other nazi will be wiped out

    3. Above the law? Greece could clear its debts in a month if it launched a sustained campaign against traffic violators. At this moment it can be guaranteed that over 1,000,000 vehicles throughout the country are involved in a myriad of road offences: running a red light; speeding; illegal parking; double parking; driving the wrong way up side streets; driving uninsured; driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; driving vehicles that are not road-worthy or that have failed the KTEO; and driving while disqualified or without a licence. And that’s just for a start.

    4. These guys are such pigs! Mr. Liapis, besides being the laughing stock of the ministry, was useless in everyone of his posts intiated by blatent nepotism. When he was Minister of Transportation Greeks were dying like flies on the roads–a number even today equal to most contries at war (over 25 per weekend–100 per month–1200 per year). In those days there were no public broadcasts–even on State-run TV to remind people to wear helmets on bikes, not run light, dn’t drink and drive, not to tailgate, or even slowdown and follow the laws. The only thing our distinguished minister accomplished in those days was a few hot dates captured of film. What a joke–throw the traffic laws book at him. And keep in jail where he belongs for blood on his hands!

    5. What a loser, the courts should throw the book at him to make an example. He’s making 109k euros on the books, but won’t pay 1,320e. It’s this type of attitude that made Greece what it is today. So he drove around, god knows how long without paying the 1,320e car tax and WITH NO INSURANCE, but is only made to pay a 500e fine? How about he pays a much larger fine and the tax in full, as he was obviously driving without paying the tax for a while, make it an even 2,000e, and for forging plates and no car insurance, slap on a few thousand more euros and a bit of jail time. I doubt he’d attempt to do this again and any other greek with Zorba the Greek brains who does or would think about doing this would think twice. They should immediately investigate his finances, a clown like this avoids paying only 1,320e and risks driving around with forged license plates, you can only wonder what other taxes he avoids or doesn’t pay.

    6. They really should make an example of this degenerate clown, he was TRANSPORT MINISTER for gods sake! What type of inbred mountain idiot thinking was taking place in this moron’s head. There needs to be jail time.

    7. On stop signs alone they’d probably generate 1b euros a year, no one stops, unless to avoid another automobile.

    8. The stench starts at the top in Greece…but I still see hope.
      If Greece Jails some of these scum bags; that will scare the sh.t out of everyone else…. then let the fear trickle down to the masses.
      I really believe Greece can reform; start to collect taxes properly and at least achieve a reasonable standard of living.
      The catastrophe of the last few year may be a good thing in the long run.

    9. As optimistic as I would love to be and agree with you, there is no way Greece can or will reform. No way. The only way Greece will ever change is to bring in non Greeks and change everything from taxation to legal system to everything else. Having Samaras and Venizelos or Tsipras is a bordello- free for all.

    10. I am more optimistic…but crooks have to be prosecuted.
      If there is any sniff of cover ups or protection for the elites by the elites then nothing will work.
      I believe for most countries that pay taxes fear is a great motivator…fear of jail…fear of huge fines.. etc.
      But totally ridding Greece of corruption is as impossible as ridding any nation or indeed mankind of corruption!!

    11. There is absolutely no way they are going to prosecute these crooks. The Greek government is behind them, protecting all the LAMOGIA (except for Tsohatzopoulos and few others).
      My friend the only way corruption will end in Greece is if they exit the euro. The corruption going on continues as I’m typing. They are getting over left and right. They need to be thrown out of the euro.

    12. ‘There is absolutely no way they are going to prosecute these crooks.’
      I hope you’re wrong…lets wait & see though!
      ‘My friend the only way corruption will end in Greece is if they exit the euro.’
      How do you figure that??
      This type of corruption has been around for a long time in Greece… pre-Euro anyway!
      They need to be thrown out of the euro.’
      Not going to happen!!
      Next suggestion!

    13. Once again the elite teach that they are above the law and can do whatever they please as long as they don’t get caught.