OKANA Chief Accused of Mismanagement

drugsAccording to the newspaper, “To Vima,” the Ministry of Health has demanded the resignation of Meni Malliori, the Anti Drugs Organization (OKANA) chief, because of a deficit of millions in the organization’s finances. Zeta Makri, the Deputy Minister of Health  claimed that OKANA’s invoices did not exceed 5 million euros.

The Deputy Minister of Health, in an interview on Skai TV, claimed that Meni Malliori is being investigated over her management of OKANA funds and that she has been asked to resign. The Deputy Minister stated hat the organization’s finances were not conclusive and that there was evidence of illegal conduct.

The president of OKANA responded to the accusations saying  that the Deputy Minister had given her written orders to directly purchase a drug, ignoring the regular procedures. Moreover, she noted that when she took over her post at OKANA there was a 37.5 million euro deficit due to the previous administration’s mismanagement. She claimed that she had informed the Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras and government’s Vice President of the situation and alleged that the Deputy Minister of Health intervened and ordered her to continue purchasing a specific drug, despite her disagreement and the existence of a generic equivalent.

It is not the first time that signs of mismanagement are apparent. Specifically, in 2011, there was a shortfall of  37.5 million euros in the organization’s finances that seriously threaten its operation.


  1. A 37.5 million euro deficit is outrageous in any governmental department. It sounds like the graft and stealing had been going on for sometime. I am more skeptical of the individuals whose job was to oversee this “organization” than the people who were running it. How could anyone inspecting their operations have let the loss of funds go so far? Unless, and this is typical of the way things go down in this land–they themselves were involved in the thievery. The investigation just hasn’t gone high enough. Are we so stupid?

  2. A country full of corruption with corrupt politicians, scum-bag unionists including their followers…It is thee most corrupt country in the EU making Greece number (1) in corruption…There is no future for as long as this well rooted corruption exist with no justice and no law & order…


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