Greece Condemned for Inhumane Detention Conditions

european courtThe Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has condemned Greece for the inhumane detention conditions that asylum applicants and political refugees are being subjected to.

In 2010 an Iranian journalist, who was forced to leave his country after arrest and torture by the authorities, arrived in Greece via Turkey and claimed political asylum. He was arrested by Greek authorities who ordered his deportation to Turkey, and was held in custody in police stations and detention centers, until on July 1, 2011 he was released.

His objection to the legality of his detention and his application for political asylum were rejected by the Greek authorities. Later he appealed to the Greek court but could not be present when the case was heard, as he was studying in the United Kingdom at the time.

He then appealed to the Court of Human Rights, complaining that the conditions of his detention were inhumane and degrading. This was upheld and Greece was condemned and ordered to pay 8,000 euros in compensation for suffering endured.

In a similar case, 12 refugees arrived in Greece in 2009, claiming political asylum. The Greek authorities granted political refugee status to only one of them. The others were arrested and held in police stations and detentions centers until deportation to their country of origin or Turkey.

They also resorted to the Court, claiming that their detention was illegal and that there was a complete lack of hygiene in their cells. The court condemned Greece for violation of Article 3 of the Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits inhumane and degrading treatment. Greece was ordered to pay each plaintiff between 5-10,000 euros compensation for suffering endured and 2,000 euros for court costs.







  1. I think that immigrants have personal responsibilities. They should just leave Greece. If they cant leave then that’s a different story. If Greece’s crisis is affecting its ability to maintain humane conditions within detention centers then that basically not exactly their fault. Otherwise, whats wrong with them?

  2. Somehow the conditions and terms of GD’s MPs incarceration merits no coverage or condemnation.



    It’s getting to be creepy how the same reporter is constantly rehashing the same reports

  4. Yea because innocent people being treated like prisoners in detention centers is no real issue. What the hell is wrong with you?

  5. Which part of ILLEGAL is innocent? Which part of they disregarded our borders and entered illegally are you missing?

    What is wrong with you?

  6. There are NO political refugees, they are ALL illegally jumping borders to enter Europe. Greece just happens to be their first door mat they come int to wipe their feet before they move on.

    Let them be cared by the filthy rich Arab nations. .

  7. Illegal Immigrants are not criminals for simply crossing the border. That’s why they are put into detention centers and not jails. The unsanitary and disgusting conditions within detention centers in Greece as if they are jails, is total barbarism. What you think that the professional and highly respected Human Rights Watch groups are drawing false accusations? What’s wrong with you?

  8. “Simply crossing the border”, as you call it, disqualifies them from being “innocent people”. Innocent people do not sneak into someone else’s country.


  10. Take a look at the conditions of detention camps for Syrian Refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq under the United Nations then criticize Greece. UN Under Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator “Baroness” Valerie Amos has demonstrated she is an incompetent bureaucrat as tens of thousands freeze and go with out medicine food or water. But as always the Leftist press seldom criticizes their own even as innocent refugees suffer.


    You can shove your bs righteousness were the sun doesn’t shine. Take them in YOUR country or home. Not mine. But you don’t. You just bs on the net.

    What’s wrong with you phoney people.

  12. Why can’t these criminal enablers phonies understand we don’t want illegal migrants in our country? Do they think they own us and can tell us what to think and do?

  13. They are all phoney people. They sit on their kolo and demand that everyone else follow their phoney demands.

    99.99% of those crying about illegals never do anything themselves. They never want them in their country or house. They just want to pretend they are moral on the net while sipping coffee and wearing expensive clothes made by child labor in Bangladesh.

  14. All these illegal migrants bring with them contempt for woman. They come from countries that treat woman like property.

    We don’t want to bring their barbaric wsys and Sharia laws to Europe.

  15. Examples must be made otherwise they feel they have done their good leftist deed for the day and will continue do it again and again without consequences. People like the “Baroness” should be publically chastised for their ineptitude.

  16. What do you expect? “Greek authorities” don’t even treat their own people with respect or care when in need. I have heard many Greeks lately lamenting as they look back on their life of supporting their government’s parties and paying taxes, I still love Greece but Greece does not love me.” The elderly Greek people arenow being kicked in the teeth for their lifetime of endurance under such theives in power. Taking away their hard-earned retirement, and subjecting them to higher not lower fees to survive in a system that will not even provide heating for the children’s schools of public restrooms is eveidence the inhumanity is not limited to refugees or assylum seekers. I totally understand the outrage against such criticism when the citizens of this country are themselves treated so dispationately.

  17. “Just a guy” and others like him won’t be happy until there is not a single homogenous area left in Europe.

    Of course, he has no problem with homogenous areas in Africa and Asia.

  18. Absolutely! I completely agree, well said.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  19. The problems in Africa and anywhere else in the World could easily be remedied.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  20. Firstly, the problems in the Third World are not our problem. The subject here is bringing the Third World to Europe, not fixing the Third World’s problems.

    Secondly, the problems can not be easily remedied and they have nothing to do with the “empowerment of women”, whatever that means. Africa, etc., are the way they are because their demographics consist of people who are at a lesser stage of development than Europeans. Europeans have tried for far too long and put far too many resources into the impossible goal of uplifting primitive people.

  21. Not our problem? That’s what you have been saying all along. Have you changed your mind?
    Please google my suggestion, you will find the statistics back me up.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  22. You must have me confused for someone else. I have never said the problems of the Third World are my problem. I want nothing to do with the Third World.

    I don’t care about your suggestion of “empowering women” in the Third World. I have had enough of feminist nonsense here at home. I certainly have no interest in exporting feminism in a futile attempt to uplift primitive areas of the world. The only way to uplift Africa would be to reinstitute colonialism. That is the only time Africa amounted to anything. Since Europe itself is dying, colonial expansion into Africa or others is unlikely.

  23. You don’t want anything to do with the The Third World and yet you say you want the Third World to stay out of Europe, it isn’t staying away, it wants to come in, you say so yourself.
    If Poverty was cured, the Third World wouldn’t need or want to come to Europe. It isn’t feminism, it’s basic economics.
    Please google the expression.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  24. It is not Europe’s responsibility to fix the Third World’s problems. Thus, your theories about “basic economics” and the “empowerment of women” in the Third World are of no interest to me.

    Further, you assume that economics is the driving factor behind mass immigration to Europe. In reality, many of the immigrants see Europe as new land for Islam. To them, it is ideological, not economic, colonisation.

    The ways to stop immigration to Europe are much more direct:

    – Stop giving them incentives to come in.
    – Stop pandering to them.
    – Start enforcing the borders.
    – Throw out the immigrants already present.

  25. If Africa and rest of the Third World empowered and emancipated women there would far fewer problems regarding wealth. Any Country that has done this has thrived and pulled itself out of poverty. Europe is a shining example.
    Of course there are exceptions to the rule, Saudi being one. They have so much money that poverty, for the controling Patristic society at least, doesn’t apply. Basic economics.
    Your sugestions have never worked and won’t work until…
    yes you guessed it, the empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  26. Your sugeestions have never worked and won’t work until…

    My suggestions would easily work. There is no way that the Third World will get onto boats and try to make it into Europe if they know they have no future in Europe. Europe could definitely solve the immigration problem if it had the will simply by adopting the four points I mentioned above.

    Further, anyone who thinks that places like Afghanistan and Zimbabwe will become thriving economic powerhouses by “empowering women” is a complete moron.

  27. If you mean work as they are working now… maybe.
    Please google the expression, the statistics prove it. It’s not my opinion it’s fact. America is another example…
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  28. Don’t take my word for it please google it, unless you don’t want to change your mindset that is… btw personal attacks won’t change the facts, China springs to mind.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  29. Don’t take my word for it please google it . . ..

    Are you seriously this dense? I don’t care because it is not Europe’s responsibility to change those societies. How many times do I need to say that?

  30. How ever many times you say it, it won’t change the facts.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  31. My god, you really are that retarded. I’ve wasted enough time on you. Good luck turning Rwanda and the Congo into thriving economic powerhouses by “empowering” their women.

  32. The cure for poverty has a name, in fact: it’s called the empowerment of women. If you give women some control over the rate at which they reproduce, if you give them some say, take them off the animal cycle of reproduction to which nature and some doctrine—religious doctrine
    condemns them, and then if you’ll throw in a handful of seeds perhaps and some credit, the floor of everything in that village, not just poverty, but education, health, and optimism will increase. It doesn’t matter; try it in Bangladesh, try it in Bolivia, it works—works all the
    time. Name me one religion that stands for that, or ever has. Wherever you look in the world and you try to remove the shackles of ignorance and disease stupidity from women, it is invariably the clericy that stands in the way, or in the case of—now, furthermore, if you are going
    to grant this to Catholic charities, say, which I would hope are doing alot of work in Africa. If you want to remain in the same situation, that’s entirely up to you. The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.

  33. I never said you should let them into your country. I said that Greece should improve the conditions within detention centers. I think that the Greek government will do what the Human Rights Watch says also, so yes you will do what is right.

  34. A mid-2008 report on street crime from the Central Security Directorate of the Athens Police estimated that foreigners are responsible for 42% of homicides in the Greek capital, 43% of sex attacks, 30% of financial crimes, 33% of vehicle theft, 51% of armed robberies, 45% of sexual trafficking cases, 44% of burglaries and 30% of illegal possession of arms and explosives. Since then, it is widely assumed that the analogy has risen to at least 30% of foreigners committing crimes in the city, in parallel with the influx of a new wave of illegal immigrants from 2008 up to early 2011.

    Greek citizens have been subjected to a tsunami of violent crime at the hands of illegal immigrants, primarily illegal Muslim immigrants.

  35. It is not the job of people of White European descent to lift the 3rd World out of poverty. Nobody handed wealth and development on a plate to Europeans, Europeans built their own wealth and civilization. Europe has also endured millennia of invasions. Persian armies invading Greece, the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan ravaging Europe, the Islamic Arabic Moors occupying vast areas of Europe for centuries, and Ottoman Turks who even managed to lay siege to Vienna.
    Despite all of this the European people managed to thrive.
    Let the 3rd World fix it’s own problems.

  36. The Third Worlds problems are Europes problems, otherwise why so much concern? If it’s not your problem, relax.
    Europe thrives because of the empowerment of women, the cure for poverty.

    The more empowerment of women the less poverty, haven’t you noticed?

    Religion and the Right have alway resisted the empowerment of women because they feed on the people trapped in poverty. No poverty equals no religion and no Far Right. That’s why most if not all religions have suppressed women’s rights for centuries and if they can get away with it, they would make women walk 3 steps behind men, make them sit in a different room while praying or make them have to peer through a slit in a hood.
    The empowerment of women is the cure for poverty.
    I notice you like to go back in history and why not, you do quote facts, in that case we are all African, East African to be precise.

  37. The Third Worlds problems are Europe’s problems, otherwise why so much concern?

    The Third World’s problems are not Europe’s problems. It is the Third World’s presense in Europe that is a problem to Europe – not how they live in their own lands. It is the invasion of Europe by the Third World that is the problem, not how they conduct themselves in their native lands. I can tell that you think you’re a really smart guy, but you’re so dense that you can’t even see a very simple point that has been made to you half a dozen times already.

    Europe thrives because of the empowerment of women, the cure for poverty.

    Europe thrived long before the idiotic notion of “empowerment of women” came along in the 20th century. The net result of feminism has been the breakup of the family, emasculation of men, conflict between the sexes, and the overall feminisation of society.

  38. If the Third World’s problems aren’t Europe’s problems relax.
    The empowerment of women is not my opinion, it’s fact.
    How do you feel, feel being the operative word, about the fact that we are all African?

  39. There is no point in debating with these fascist scum – they would happily kill immigrants if they could get away with it ….