Golden Dawn Attacks Mayor of Piraeus

golden dawn food distributionGolden Dawn have once again exploited the desperation of thousands of people who lined up for food. Members of the far-right party were this morning distributing food “just for Greeks” near their offices. The Mayor of Piraeus, Greece, Vassilis Michaloliakos had banned their planned use of the Municipal Theater Square for the stunt.

While the food distribution was in progress, reporters asked Mr. Michaliakos to make a statement. When he exited the City Hall, Golden Dawn members verbally attacked him.

The original plan was for the distribution to take place in the Municipal Theater Square in Piraeus. However, the Mayor banned its use, saying that it was shameful and ridiculous and would only result in the humiliation of people. Golden Dawn in its most recent announcement, verbally attacked Mr. Michaloliakos, claiming that he is “the mayor who turned Piraeus into Islamabad.”

Golden Dawn MPs Ilias Kasidiaris and Ilias Panagiotaros described those who banned the use of the Square as “scum,” and once more attacked the political parties verbally.




  1. Typical gd idiots. Greece is better than allowing law breaking hooligans to run this country. Time to wipe them out. Now comes all the nazi idiots, mshitler,aussienazi the rest of litte hitker youth. 3…..2………1

  2. A ridiculously sensationalist headline. Typical of media outlets that oppose European survival.

    Oh, and a distribution of food to hungry people is not a “stunt”. It is an act of charity. The Left’s opposition to charity is probably not winning them many friends.

  3. “Golden Dawn MPs Ilias Kasidiaris and Ilias Panagiotaros described those who banned the use of the Square as “scum,” and once more attacked the political parties verbally.”
    Oh man I feel so bad for the lackey political parties that lie deep inside kosher pockets. I hope they did not sustain any injuries from the brutal VERBAL attack. Poor puppet politicians, they just want to sell out Greece and starve the poor. The antifas need to hold a solidarity march for the system.


  5. The mayor’s feelings may have been hurt, but it is nothing compared to his citizen’s hunger pains. His opportunity to aspire to credibility by reaching out and accepting the fact that people are facing hard times and need help. Instead he chose to play politics and it backfired. Hunger always takes precedent over politics. His initiative is a lost cause and nothing can change that now. He has branded himself as an advocate for despotic rule.

  6. Golden Dawn are truly courageous heroes and are doing everything to help there own people. What a courageous and inspirational story. They are fighting international terrorist Zionist to help the starving people of Greece. The world is in awe of Golden Dawn’s perserverance and determination.

  7. Exactly! The first thing anyone who reads the title of this article will think is that Golden Dawn physically attacked the Mayor of Piraeus, then when they actually read the content they find that Golden Dawn MP’s exercising their democratic and legal right to criticise the Mayor of Piraeus for Islamicising Piraeus, and banning a Golden Dawn from distributing food in the Municipal Theatre square. If Golden Dawn had been allowed to distribute food at the Municipal Theatre it which would have made the distribution much easier for the thousands of Greek citizens who arrived to receive food aid. The food distribution went ahead anyway, but it had to be held outside the Golden Dawn party offices which made it more crammed, however Golden Dawn achieved it’s aim – the orderly distribution of food funded 100% from the salaries of Golden Dawn MP’s.

  8. This is a Leftist Marxist media website. There is no limit to how low they can go. Lies, exaggerations, misleading article headlines, biased reporting, etc. They are a mere mouthpiece of Zio-Globalism.

  9. I’m 100% certain the needy Greeks receiving the handouts will remember they were treated like dogs and were thrown obstacles to prevent them from getting the help fellow Greeks are offering them. They will become more loyal to GD and more bitter towards the system.
    They are struggling together with GD, that leaves an imprint.

  10. Vile leftist fascists, Golden dawn is the only party with any hint of legitimacy in Greece. Let us pray they get power and can drive the racist, vile, anti-Greek leftist and multiculturalist back to hell.

  11. For actual news on what is happning in Greece, visit.

    Google : “ethnic british minority 2066” -Telegrap

    Google : “London white minority 2012” -Telegrap/BBC

    Google : “White usa minority 2042” -US census bureau.

    Google “ethnic Russian minority 2050” -Finish defence department

    Google : “Ethnic Norwegians minority in Oslo by 2040″ -thelocal

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    Opposing white genocide doesn’t make you an racist, supporting it does.

  12. You should slap your parents, grandparents and neighbors for raising such a failure and useless waste of carbon. Failure as a life, what a joke.

  13. Brainwashing a low IQ Greek is easier then pinching off a loaf each morning.Golden Dawn has exploited you (Look it up if you can figure out that term on your own.)What a disgrace of your people.

  14. You should slap your parents, grandparents and neighbors for raising such a failure and useless waste of carbon. Failure as a life, what a joke.

  15. Pathetic attempt at journalism -Sensationalist Implication in the headline – and an opinion comment in the story

  16. They ”VERBALLY” attacked him? LOL! Oh no… I hope he doesn’t get his feelings hurt? Can you ignorant leftist medias come up with anything better? It’s called ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH ”.

  17. You and all the Greeks should move back to Greece and get out of Canada if you think our systems is evil. Here in Canada we have a multiculturalism system. If the Greeks don’t like multiculturalism GET OUT!!!

  18. I’m having a problem with logging in. So I have to post as a ‘guest’ called Jewish and Proud!

    Bare with me, Goyim.