Athina Onassis Had a Miscarriage

athina-onassisThe news of Athina Onassismiscarriage is circling the world, even though it has not been officially confirmed. Aristotle Onassis’ granddaughter, and the only child of his daughter Christina, miscarried in late November.

According to Greek newspaper “ETHNOS,” she only found out she was pregnant a few days before her half-sister Sandrine’s wedding in mid September. Athina Onassis told her sister the news during her stay in the village of Villeny in the North of France, where the wedding took place.

Athina and her husband Alvaro de Miranda Neto happily attended the event holding hands, while Athina stood next to her father, Thierry Roussel, whom she hadn’t seen in years.

The pregnancy was difficult for the 30 year-old heiress, as was also the case with her mother, according to people who knew her well.

Despite Athina’s efforts she had a miscarriage in late November. Athena and Alvaro have been together for 9 years and some might say that a pregnancy is long overdue. Their home is not without children though, as Alvaro’s 13 year-old daughter from an earlier relationship with Cibele Dorsa, is living with them. After the loss, Athina confided in her sister Sandrine, as they used to do when they lived together as children.

It seems that misfortune follows the heiress. She lost her mother when she was three years old, and had a turbulent and then non-existent relationship with her father. She became isolated when she moved to Brazil and now finally the tragedy of this miscarriage.


  1. Sad but who cares. She’s half Greek married to a non-Greek. Any offspring she has will have a completely non-Greek identity. G

    reek Reporter goes on about mixed “Greeks” as if they are Greek. They couldn’t care less about Hellenism. They’ve committed ethnic suicide for the sake of their labido.

  2. The manner in that her father has manipulated her to keep her away from her mother’s heritage is a total disgrace. But then I honestly believe that the trash master that he is married Christina only for her money even though he had his own. I also wish to know how well her death was investigated since he took everything and afterall she died from medical drugs which is his family business

  3. You could write a more encouraging article if you really want o help her
    A miscarriage is not a “tragedy ”
    There is much worse
    Leave the girl alone
    Very negative article

  4. It seems to have happened after the wedding of her sister . Should be careful when around Roussels . Yes the medical trade is the family business and the morning after pill is one of the companies biggest seller. Careful someone didn’t put something in your drink.