Teacher Fired for Failing Greek PM’s Son

athens college

The Greek Central Council for Secondary Education (KYSDE) announced the definitive dismissal of the teacher who a year and a half ago caught the Greek Prime Minister’s son cheating on a test and gave him a failing grade in her class.

After 21 years of working as a teacher, she was removed from duty in June 2012, after having caught Antonis Samaras’ son cheating on a test. She filed a lawsuit against Athens College, Greece, seeking to overturn their decision.

KYSDE was also involved in the case but decided not to overturn the dismissal as in their opinion, there was “not enough evidence to prove” an abuse of power by Athens College when they terminated the teacher’s contract.

The incident has enraged the Greek Federation of Private School Teachers. In their announcement they said that KYSDE has given an early Christmas present to the Greek Prime Minister’s family, the heads of the Ministry of Education and private school owners. The announcement continues, “Three members of KYSDE decided to ‘execute’ the teacher, Efrosyni Boutala, by reaching the conclusion that there was no evidence for an abuse of power or unfair dismissal by Athens College when they terminated her contract.”




  1. This is yet more conclusive evidence that Greece is currently being ruled by a Junta.


    New Democracy and Pasok took turns governing (“looting”) Greece since 1974, dragging Greece into it’s present economic and social abyss. A key reason behind the collapse of the Hellenic economy is that key positions were allocated not based on merit but based on family-political connections. Clearly when the Prime Ministers son is caught cheating in an exam, and the teacher who caught him is fired from a job that she had dedicated the prior 21 years of her life to, then you know that democracy, and the rule of law does not function in Greece. Greece is ruled by an illigitimate Junta, the Venizelos-Samaras Junta.

    The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is despised by the Greek people, it is a mere instrument of World Jewry, propped up by it’s puppetmasters in Brussels, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York amd Tel Aviv.

    The Venizelos-Samaras Junta has trampled on the Hellenic constitution, made a mockery of Greece’s laws and with the politically ordered arrest of elected Golden Dawn MP’s has finally transformed Greece into a police state, a Junta, in a last ditch desperate attempt by this vile oligarchy to cling to power and avoid going to prison.

  2. Outrageous! They fire a teacher after 21 years of dedication to her job because she caught Samaras son cheating? This is madness! Democracy does not work in Greece. There is no justice, no system nothing.
    Every Greek politician including Samaras-Venizelos Corrupt coalition government should be “open season.” If anyone can get to them or any of the LAMOGIA past and present the ultimate justice would be ASSASSINATION of just one of them!
    A message needs to be send out that enough is enough. we the Greek citizens of Greece had enough of corruption and 40 years of Nepotism.
    May God forgive my soul, someone in Greek government (PASOK ND) need to be killed. Executed- assassinated.
    I’m sorry…………………….

  3. Golden Dawn have promised that when they are elected to govern Greece they will bring back the death penalty for serious crimes such as premeditated murder, rape, trafficking in narcotics such as Heroin and Cocaine, and state treason. All New Democracy and PASOK MP’s will qualify for prosecution on the grounds of state treason. If found guilty by the Greek courts they will swing from the end of a rope.

    In two new polls New Democracy is shown dropping to 3rd place with Golden Dawn moving into 2nd place.

    The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is headed into the dustbin of history.
    Good riddance! The future belongs to Golden Dawn.


  4. Only in the EUSSR dictatorship can such things happen the only thing missing is the gulags.

  5. “Three members of KYSDE decided to ‘execute’ the teacher” or else they get dropped and pensions cut.

    Good to see Greek cronyism alive and well.

  6. The President of the College is the Antonis Samaras’s brother Alexander Samaras. This vile oligarchy is the very reason why Greece is in the state it is currently in. There is no reward based on merit. Those connected to the Venizelos-Samaras Junta can brazenly cheat in their college assessments and if a lecturer dares to report them for cheating the lecturer is fired from his/her job, and their decades long career is ruined.

    The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is as despicable as it is out of control! The entire Hellenic electorate is nauseated by these corrupt Venizelos-Samaras regime officials.

  7. This is how Greece operates and these teachers should know never to fail a bratty dumb Greek with money. He will be the future economics minister of Greece. How dare she?

  8. This is the lesson that Samara is teaching his kids “Cheating” same as his party is cheating people…Shame on you Samara, you should punish your kid for cheating and not the teacher…

  9. The scumbag faggots known as Golden Dawn will never be elected, so quit wet dreaming, mamas boy.

  10. The people of Thailand started the revolution to eliminate corruption and they won part of their fight against it, now it’s our turn…

  11. And are we surprised that another Samaras scion–Antonis’ nephew was recently accepted early into Harvard from Athne College last week? Many other more talented high school seniors from Greece were either deferred or rejected in this early round of picks. Harvard traditionally only accepts two or three undergraduates from Greece each year. The Samaras dynasty has been notoriously controlling the Harvard acceptances from Athens College for years. Once again the elitist and politically connected factor is a damning indicator of just how out of control the politics is in this country. A teacher fired for failing a student shoud be condemned by all countries who hold academic standards above politics and wealth. Lett the boy fail the course or at least keeing the 21 year teaching vereran should have beed the least Samaras as a responsible citizen–by allowing these two options to happen just confirms the arrogance of the prresent dictatorial regime,

    Shame on your son, Antonis Samaras. But worst of all shame on you!

  12. Samarass, a vlach from Samara, fake “Greek”. What can you expect from people with fake identities, fake country, fake…

  13. Soooo in order to show the world that Greece is still the democratic capital of the world, Golden Dawn will proceed to execute it’s opposition……..like the communists.

  14. You should know, coming from the land of Monkeydonia – the largest Ancient Macedonian theme park in the world.

  15. What you have just stated is unfortunately common knowledge, the disappointment is the lack of reaction by civil society including those from the Left & Right, which you have literally explained in your comment, everyone just shrugs there shoulders & this is to be accepted.
    The sad thing is, apart from all the sacrifices been made by the lay person, nothing has changed, and as long as the Elites play the tune of EU hymn sheet, they are happy for corruption and liberties to be taken away from the common person.

    The lack of reaction tells me that the Greek people have given up and are not prepared to take control of their country for cost of maybe losing welfare payments.

    In the upcoming elections, the people should obstain from voting if no political party can put forth a growth plan/strategy and take accountability in implementing it, other than taxing and cutting spending to balance the bottom line.

    No Vote, No Elected Members, No Vouli.

    The People have always had the power, they just seemed to have forgotten it. Time to take back your country & your destiny.

  16. Don’t try to twist my words! Can you read properly? I never wrote that Golden Dawn will execute it’s opposition.
    Here is what I wrote.

    “Golden Dawn have promised that when they are elected to govern Greece they will bring back the death penalty for serious crimes such as premeditated murder, rape, trafficking in narcotics such as Heroin and Cocaine, and state treason. All New Democracy & PASOK MP’s will qualify for prosecution on the grounds of state treason, AND THOSE FOUND GUILTY BY THE GREEK COURTS will swing from the end of a rope.”

  17. Growth requires motivation, hard work, self-sacrifice for the benefit of the nation and race, and genuine patriotism, in short it requires social nationalism. You can see these traits exhibited only by one political party in Greece, unsurprisingly this is the party that is persecuted by all of the other political parties, and by the Marxist media. This party is Golden Dawn. Golden Dawns latest food charity distribution to Greek citizens was 100% funded from the salaries of their own MP’s. That’s self-sacrifice motivated by genuine patriotism.

  18. Why you use a fake speculative nickname? Here:

    The concept of the “Hellenistic” age was INTRODUCED into historiography in the 1830’s by the German historian J. G. Droysen, who proposed the term Hellenismus.

    “It is not only Hellen himself who appears to be a post-factum GENEALOGICAL CONSTRUCT WITH NO BACKGROUND in the Heroic Age. The same would also be true of the other members of the initial group, namely, Hellen’s sons Aiolos, Doros and Xouthos’ sons Ion and Achaios. All of them, with the possible exception of Xouthos, are obviously hardly more than PRODUCTS OF GENEALOGICAL SPECULATION meant to account for historic divisions among the Greeks of later period.”
    (‘Greeks and pre-Greeks: Aegean prehistory and Greek heroic tradition’, AvMargalit Finkelberg)

  19. Malakonska my friend you are beyond help. A German historian or any other cannot tell me how us Hellenes refer ourselves as it is in reference to our Language Ελλινικα – Ελλινας. This is how the ancients refer themselves as, and the rest like your Slavic descendants as Barbarians. “Greek – Greece” are not Hellenic words, but came from our Latin neighbours from the West in referencing us Hellenes, same as the Arabs/Persians on our East refer to us as Yunan.
    So you see Ελλινικο/Hellenic has always existed in how we referenced each other, like the Greek (Hellenic) Gods Alexandros & his father Phillipos from Makedonia worshipped & sacrificed to.
    This is all common knowledge that is taught all around the world in high schools & universities, as Greek history is an open book, as for your history where your grandfather altered the endings of their surname from “ov” to “ski” and introduced an artificial language called Makedonski, as well as a Church introduced in the 60’s that no other Orthodox Churches recognise – we know who the real imposters are buddy, take your pills and go to sleep.

  20. Skopians are a Slavic people with absolutely no connection to that Heroic Hellenic historical figure Alexander the Great.

    “The idea that Alexander the Great belongs to us was at the mind of some outsider groups only. These groups were insignificant in the first years of our independence. But the big problem is that the old Balkan nations have been learned to legitimate themselves through their history. In the Balkans to be recognized as a nation you need to have history of 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Since you (Greece) forced us to invent a history, we did INVENT it.”
    — (FYROM Foreign Minister Denko Maleski)

  21. Mr. Samaras and his lapdogs are cowards. No wonder the country is in trouble. Corruption is part of the culture, and this situation is so evident, that the concept of shame is foreign to such
    contemptable people